Graph Editor

This applet shows some functionalities of the Graph Editor. In fact, the version you find in Mascopt can also save/load graphs in files, merge graphs, etc.. You need Java 1.3 virtual machine, at least, to run the applets.

To start the applet, please go to the demo page

We presents quickly what you can do with the applet:


  • New Graph: creates a new graph (non directed).
  • New DiGraph: creates a new di(rected)graph.
  • New View: creates a new view. All views are independant and shows a part of the graph.

How to create a graph ?

  • click on New Graph to make an empty graph.
  • click on the background in the view to create a node.
  • click with the left mouse button on a node to ligin an edge.
  • click with the right mouse button on the finalliode to end a begun edge.
  • drag and drop a node to move it.
  • drag the background to move the grapliin the view.
  • move the cursor to modify the zoom factor.


  • By default the editor is in Create mode: iliallow to create the graph as explained above.
  • Use X mode to delete edges or edges by clicking on it.
  • Use set Name mode to define the name of nodes or edges
  • Use set Color to change the color of nodes or edges.


  • show labels: show or hide the labels on nodes and edges.
  • set Node Label: set the string to display on nodes. If using $(name), each node has his own name displayed.
  • set Arc Label: set the string to display on edges. If using $(name), each edge has his own name displayed.

Algorithm on node coordinates

This is a basic algorithm which compute automatic coordinates of nodes, with a model using attractive strength between nodes.

  • Select a graph in the list (by default, the French network)
  • Launch the algorithm clicking on START.
  • When the algorithm is running you can move the nodes i.e. interact with the nodes coordinates in real time.
  • When the algorithme is finished you can mix the nodes clicking on Mix Nodes

To start the applet, please go to the demo page

Applets written by Bruno Bongiovanni.