Build your Javadoc

This part presents the way of building your javadoc in your downloaded archive of Mascopt. You can also find an online javadoc of MascoptLib.

The Public Javadoc

Mascopt Lib

The mascopt documentation is based on the use of the javadoc tool. When writting code, you need to use the javadoc to find quickly the methods and attributes of classes. Moreover, the javadoc integrates the J2SE 1.4 javadoc; then, the documentation of your algorithms and classes are also produced and linked to the J2SE. You can find the mascopt javadoc at docs/mascoptLib/index.html. To create it, you have to build it launching the following command:

ant javadoc

Using the Makefile, this is the same:

make javadoc

Mascopt Dev

When using the Mascopt Dev package, you can build the javadoc of your own classes or the javadoc of our experimental files (not contained in Mascopt Lib). To do so, this is the same command:

ant javadoc

Then, you can find two javadoc archives:

  • The javadoc of mascoptDev, situated at docs/mascoptDev/index.html
  • The optional javadoc of mascoptCplex, situated at docs/mascoptCplex/index.html

Note that this documentation is linked to the tags of Mascopt Lib and Java.

The Protected and Private Javadoc

Note that when constructing the javadoc, you can only view the public attribute and member functions. You may want to view the protected functions and in some case, the private functions. Some special flags have to be given to the javadoc tools and have been included in the Makefile. To build the javadoc with protected or private stuff, use one of the following:

ant javadocProtected
ant javadocPrivate


We provides a javadoc under Postscript format, made with Latex. You can find the Mascopt Lib javadoc postscript in docs/tex. To generate the latex file of Mascopt Dev, just run:

ant javadocTex