ICVS 2011
8th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems
20 - 22 September 2011, Sophia Antipolis (France)

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Health & Well Being on 19th, september

Maintaining the dignity and autonomy of the elderly is at stake, therefore opening research perspectives of interest for Inria Project Teams ( IPT). In order to promote this theme and to coordinate the involved activity researches amongst Inria institute, a Large Scale Initiative Action gathers nine projects team from Nancy, Grenoble, Sophia Antipolis and Rennes in one cross-entity named PAL (Personally Assisted Living)

On the 19th of September 2011 a workshop will take place at Inria Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée, to present this LSI Action and the researches pursued. This meeting is aiming at sharing experiences and achievement with people outside from Inria but all the same involved and interested in this theme of Autonomy of the elderly and their maintaining at home.

Behaviour Analysis and Video Understanding on 23, september
Behaviour2011 will aim at promoting interaction and collaboration among researchers specialising in these related fields (but are by no means limited to):

  • People detection and Tracking;
  • Video activity discovery;
  • Group of people, crowd analysis;
  • Multi-camera and multimodal analysis;
  • High-level behaviour recognition and understanding;
  • Long term event recognition;
  • Use of ontologies on human motion for video footage;
  • Browsing, indexing and retrieval of human behaviours in video sequences;
  • Natural-language description of human behaviours;
  • Cognitive surveillance and ambient intelligence;
  • Learning models for behaviour analysis;
  • Human behaviour synthesis: articulated models and animation;
  • Real-time systems, system evaluation;
  • Abnormal event detection.

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