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Supported functions

In addition to basic arithmetic in ${\mathbb{Q}}[n,E]$, SHASTA provides the following operations on differential operators: adjoint, apply, coefficient, decompose, degree, dispersion, eigenring, element, exteriorPower, factor, hyper, kernel, leftGcd, leftLcm, Loewy, makeIntegral, normalize, polynomialSolution, rationalSolution, rightGcd, rightLcm, sections shift and spread. They are described in detail in the following manual pages. Note that an element of ${\mathbb{Q}}(n)[E]$ can be used whenever the type of an argument is given as ${\mathbb{Q}}[n,E]$, and that $L_1 / L_2$ computes the Euclidean quotient of $L_1$ by $L_2$ on the right.


Manuel Bronstein 2002-09-04