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rationalSolution(L, g)

Parameter Type Description
L ${\mathbb{Q}}[n,E]$ A difference operator
g ${\mathbb{Q}}(n)$ A fraction


rationalSolution($L,g$) returns either $[f]$ where $f \in {\mathbb{Q}}(x)$ satisfies $L f = g$, or $[]$ if $L y = g$ has no solution in ${\mathbb{Q}}(x)$.


rationalSolution($L,0$) returns $[0]$ only when $L y = 0$ has no nonzero rational solution.

Usage within MAPLE

When using rationalSolution from inside MAPLE, the output is modified and either a rational solution in $f \in {\mathbb{Q}}(n)$ or $[]$ is returned.

See Also

kernel, polynomialSolution

Manuel Bronstein 2002-09-04