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You can also access to Online Manual .

For specific module manuals see table below.

Following tables list MedINRIA subpackage and modules. Version and last update information are given. Missing documentation should be avaible quickly. If you encounter a difficulty, please make sure that the answer is not in the documentation before sending email. Please clic on the link 'Contact Us' corresponding to the module or subpackage where you encounter any difficulty.

Software Description Version Last Update User Manual Contact
MedINRIA Global package containing all modules 1.5.3 June, 22nd, 2007
Modules Description Development status Last Update User Manual Contact
Image Viewer Images visualization module Stable June, 22nd, 2007
DTI Track DT-MRI analysis and fiber tracking Stable June, 22nd, 2007
Tensor Viewer Visualization of tensor fields Stable June, 22nd, 2007
Registration Tool Image Registration Stable June, 22nd, 2007
SL Viewer Sulcal line viewer Stable
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