6. Scribe Programming Manual -- Target format

6. Scribe Programming Manual -- Target format


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Target format


1. Defining new functions
2. Fontification
3. Common Classes
4. Scribe Library
5. Container numbering
6. Target format
7. Programming Back-ends
8. The HTML back end
9. The LaTeX back end
10. The MAN back end
11. Bibliography
12. Embedding Scribe into Bigloo
13. Scribe Apache module
14. Classes, Functions and Variables
15. Bibliography


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Customization can be based on the target format a Scribe document is compiled to. For instance, one specific customization can be used for HTML and another one for TeX.

(scribe-format? ::symbol)Scribe function

Returns #t if the current format is symbol. Otherwise, returns #f.

For instance, one may select the proper way to numberize chapters accordingly to the target format (see Container numbering):

   ((scribe-format? 'html) (set! *scribe-chapter-numbering* ...))
   ((scribe-format? 'man) (set! *scribe-chapter-numbering* ...))
   ((scribe-format? 'info) (set! *scribe-chapter-numbering* ...))
   (else ...))

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