2. Scribe Programming Manual -- Fontification

2. Scribe Programming Manual -- Fontification


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1. Defining new functions
2. Fontification
3. Common Classes
4. Scribe Library
5. Container numbering
6. Target format
7. Programming Back-ends
8. The HTML back end
9. The LaTeX back end
10. The MAN back end
11. Bibliography
12. Embedding Scribe into Bigloo
13. Scribe Apache module
14. Classes, Functions and Variables
15. Bibliography


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This chapter presents fontification functions, that is functions that can be used in prgm environment to colorize computer program texts. For the sake of the example, all along this chapter we will a function for fontifiying Shell scripts. We will call this function shell. This fontification scheme will be very simple. Prompts, that is string of characters start at the beginning of a line and ending with a ">" character will be rendered in a bold font. Shell comments, that is strings of characters starting with a "#" ending with the end of line are displayed using an italic face. Shell results, that is lines not starting by a prompt, are displayed in red. For instance:

redrock:.../project/scribe> ls
apache/     examples/           Makefile.tpl  scribeapi/      scribeman/
autoconf/   INSTALL             manuals/      scribecgi/      scribetex/
bin/        lib/                old/          scribehtml/     scribetext/
configure*  Makefile            README        scribehtmlgui/  work/
emacs/      Makefile.scrconfig  scribe/       scribeinfo/
redrock:.../project/scribe> ls -ld a* # Only files starting with an a
drwxr-x---    2 serrano  serrano       280 Dec  4 10:03 apache/
drwxr-x---    2 serrano  serrano       184 Nov 22  2000 autoconf/

A fontification function is a function accepting one parameter. This formal parameter is bound to a string representing the text to be fontified. It is to the responsibility of the fontification function to process any computation on this string. The result of the fontification will be included in the target file. That is, the fontification function takes a string and returns a Scribe expression representing the fontified program. The definition of the shell fontification is:

(define (shell obj)
  (parse-shell (open-input-string obj)))

In order to implement the fontification we are using Bigloo regular parser. This mechanism enables a lexical analysis of string of characters. (See Bigloo for a documentation on lexical analysis in Scheme.)

(define (parse-shell port::input-port)
   (let ((g (regular-grammar ()
               ((bol (: (+ (out #\space #\Newline #\>)) #\>))
               ;; shell prompt
               (let ((prompt (the-string)))
                  (cons (bold prompt) (ignore))))
               ((bol (+ (out #\>)))
               ;; answer line
               (let ((anw (the-string)))
                  (cons (color :fg "#ff0000" anw) (ignore))))
               ((: #\# (+ all))
               ;; shell comment
               (let ((cmt (the-string)))
                  (cons (it cmt) (ignore))))
               ((+ (out #\> #\# #\Newline))
               ;; plain strings
               (let ((str (the-string)))
                  (cons str (ignore))))
               ((+ #\Newline)
               ;; new lines
               (let ((nl (the-string)))
                 (cons nl (ignore))))
               ;; default
               (let ((c (the-failure)))
                  (if (eof-object? c)
                      (error "prgm(shell)" "Unexpected character" c)))))))
      (read/rp g port)))

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