5. Scribe Programming Manual -- Container numbering

5. Scribe Programming Manual -- Container numbering


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Container numbering


1. Defining new functions
2. Fontification
3. Common Classes
4. Scribe Library
5. Container numbering
6. Target format
7. Programming Back-ends
8. The HTML back end
9. The LaTeX back end
10. The MAN back end
11. Bibliography
12. Embedding Scribe into Bigloo
13. Scribe Apache module
14. Classes, Functions and Variables
15. Bibliography


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Container numbering can by customized by the mean of user functions. That is, when a Scribe back-end2 is to render the title of a container, such as a a chapters or a section it calls a function that computes a string representing the number of that block. The argument passed to this function is an integer which is the actual number of the container.

*scribe-chapter-numbering*Scribe variable

*scribe-section-numbering*Scribe variable

*scribe-subsection-numbering*Scribe variable

*scribe-subsubsection-numbering*Scribe variable

For intance, setting the value of *scribe-chapter-numbering* as shown above switches the chapter numbering to an an alphabetic numbering instead of a numberical one:

(set! *scribe-chapter-numbering*
      (lambda (x)
         (string (integer->char (+ (char->integer #\A) x -1)) #\))))

2: Not all back-ends support this facility. In particular, the TeX back-end does not.

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