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Projects & Conferences

Funded research projects

  • GRAPES (2020-2024): learninG, pRocessing And oPtimising shapES. European Marie Sklodowsa-Curie ITN - research coordinator and site leader for Inria.

  • Research collaboration with the industrial partner GeometryFactory (2019-2020).

  • Research collaboration with the start-up Ekinnox (since 2018; success story EU-Maths-In).

  • ARCADES (2016-2019): Algebraic Representations in Computer-Aided Design for complEx Shapes. European Marie Sklodowsa-Curie ITN - site leader for Inria.

  • SYRAM (2015-2016) : MathAmSud research program on « SYzygies of RAtional Maps with applications to geometric modeling » composed by research teams from Argentina, Brasil and France — coordinator.

  • PICS (CNRS) collaboration with the university of Barcelona, the university of Caen and Paris (2014-2017).

  • ANR GEOLMI (2011-2015) : ANR research projet on « GEOmetry and algebra of Linear Matrix Inequalities with systems control applications ».

  • European traning network ITN SAGA (2008-2012).

  • PAI Picasso with the university of Barcelona (2007-2008) — coordinator of the French team.

  • French ANR GECKO (2005-2008).

  • European network of excellence Aim@Shape (2004-2008).

  • European project GAIA II (2002-2005).

Organization of conferences