Computational Algebraic Geometry @ FoCM'08

20-22 June, 2008
Hong Kong, China

The workshop is part of the triennial conference organized by the society for Foundations of Computational Mathematics hosted by the City University of Hong Kong, June 16-26 2008.

The aim of this workshop is to present new results, algorithms, developments or applications of effective algebraic geometry and computational algebra. We wish this triennial workshop to be a forum for ideas, techniques and applications. We thus would like to encourage the speakers to present their contribution within perspective and for a rather wide ranging audience.

Speakers confirmed as of June 29th, 2007:

    Hirotachi Abo, University of Idaho, USA
    Martin Avendano, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Falai Chen, University of Science and Technology of China, China
    Guillaume Chèze, University of Toulouse, France
    David Cox, Amherst College, USA
    Wolfram Decker, University of the Saarland, Germany
    Carlos D'Andrea, University of Barcelona, Spain
    André Galligo, University of Nice, France
    Laureano González-Vega, University of Santander, Spain
    Anders Jensen, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
    Guillermo Matera, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Bernard Mourrain, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
    Ragni Piene, University of Oslo, Norway
    Lorenzo Robbiano, University of Genova, Italia
    Sandra Di Rocco, KTH Matematik at Stockholm, Sweden
    Éric Schost, University of Western Ontario, Canada
    Agnes Szanto, North Carolina State University, USA
    Rekha Thomas, University of Washington, USA
    Lihong Zhi, Academia Sinica, China
    Charles Wampler, General Motors R&D, USA

Schedule and talk abstracts : Click here

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Laurent Busé,
INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France

Teresa Krick,
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chris Peterson
Colorado State University, USA

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