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Monitoring neuron growth in real time

plus Abstract :

Neural cells are connected by branched projections (dendrites, axons). They form networks used to transmit or store information. This is the key process behind the maturation of the nervous system. But how these protrusions are guided to their targets remains an open-ended question for scientists. Today, researchers at the IBDC are capable of using a microscope to monitor populations of neurons involved in memorisation in Drosophila flies. The aim of ARC DADA is to develop techniques for analysing images in order to describe this growth and compare experimental situations in view of identifying the role of genetic and cellular factors in this process.

plus Active members :
Xavier Descombes (PI) icone mail fiche publis
Laure Blanc-Féraud icone mail fiche publis
Gilles Aubert icone mail fiche publis
Alejandro Mottini icone mail fiche

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