Synchron 2002

9th international Open Workshop on Synchronous Reactive languages

Agelonde (South France),  November 25 - 29 th,

organized by INRIA

The 9th edition of the Synchron Workshop will be held  at La Londe des Maures, on the French Riviera, in a seminar center of France Telecom R&D .

Traditionally the Workshop is an open forum, with a loose schedule agenda and no prior talk selection.  It is the yearly meeting point of experts in the field of synchronous reactive formalisms, but also gladly welcomes other researchers from neighbouring areas, or even just wishing to make closer connections with their research domains.

The attendance usually keeps at a level of about 50 persons, which leaves room for informal discussions in a friendly setting.
Due to eventual housing limitations it is still wise to register as soon as possible, and to provide when possible a tentative talk proposal (title with or without abstract).

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