Venue Information


Complexe Résidentiel France Telecom
Route de l'Argentière
83250  La Londe Les Maures, France
Tel :
Fax :
Web site : (french only)
Synchron Conference room :

How to reach the seminar place by public transportation  ?

Lodging :
Single occupancy rooms have been booked in accordance with your registration forms.  The Agelonde Center is opened every day  from Monday to Saturday. You should go to the registration desk (Accueil) to get your room keys.
The full board price (2 meals, 2 coffee breaks, 1 bedroom, 1 breakfast) is 83,69 Euros per day (daily accommodation cannot be divided)
Arriving on Sunday ?
The Center is opened only from 5pm on Sundays but it keeps opened all night long . There is a night keeper who welcomes people at the desk (Accueil),  but he also makes frequent watch patrol that put him out of the welcoming desk several times in the evening.  If you do not find him when you arrive, there is a information desk at the left of the entry where besides the yellow letter box you will find a telephone. Just pick the receiver without dialing anything and you will be connected to the night keeper cellular phone.
Price for Sunday night and Monday breakfast : 36,81 Euros