Current Talk proposals

Stephen A. Edwards Compiling Esterel into Better Circuits and Faster Simulations

W.-P. de Roever  Verification at its cutting edge: Correctness for Java's re-entrant multithreading concept

J-P .Talpin    :   A tagged model of polychronous signals   (Tuesday morning)

M. Nebut    :   Synchronous reactions : specification and analysis (Thursday)

A. Gamatié  :    Synchronous Modeling of Modular Avionics Architectures using  the Signal Language.

Jacky Potop    :   Optimizations for faster simulation of Esterel programs (PhD defense, Tuesday 4:30 pm)

A. Benveniste   :   Something related to "semantic platforms" and ARTIST Action 1

F. Boussinot    Fair Threads

O. Tardieu     Unreachable Instantaneous Paths: Static Analysis on Cyclic Esterel programs

E. Vecchié  :    Structural partitioning of Esterel programs for symbolic Model-Checking

Ch. Mauras  Synchronous Programming in Hybrid CC  (Thursday)

N. Pernet      Optimized implementation of control oriented algorithms onto distributed architectures with AAA/SynDEx

P. Caspi     Embedded Control: From Asynchrony to Synchrony and Back

E. Rutten    Using control synthesis for building property-enforcing layers

E.  Jahier Tools for simulating Reactive programs

L. Morel  :   First steps in proof obligations extraction for data structures in Lustre (thursday)