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Boreon 09

David Coudert
Reconfiguration dans les réseaux

Jérome Galtier
Tools for community detection

Frédéric Giroire
Analysis of P2P storage systems

Cristiana Gomes
Routing and Scheduling Problem in Wireless Networks

Frédéric Havet
Théorie des graphes dans MASCOTTE

Juan-Carlos Maureira
Network provisioning for high speed vehicles
moving along predictable routes
Part 1 : Spiderman Handover

Christelle Molle
Structures combinatoires et simulation des réseaux maillés

Julian Monteiro
P2P Storage system :
How much locality can they take ?

Joanna Moulierac
Label space reduction in GMPLS network

Napoleão Nepomuceno
Joint optimization of routing and radio
configuration in fixed wireless networks

Patricio Reyes
Gathering in Wireless Networks

Judicaël Ribault
Open Simulation Architecture : Ongoing works and perspectives

Hervé Rivano

Ignasi Sau
Résumé de thèse