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PAI Procore (University Hong-Kong - INRIA, 2007-2008)

Computational Algebraic Geometry for Industrial Applications

It is a France/Hong Kong joint research project, which objectives are to investigate the application of algebraic  methods in the resolution of geometric modeling problems. We are interested by implcit representations of shapes, in particular by  using low degree patches for the representation of complex shapes.  The following topics will be developped:

1. Shape segmentation and representation using quadrics

2. Shape processing using quadrics

3. Collision detection for objects defined by quadric surfaces

4. Software for algebraic modeling

Contact: Wenping Wang (Hong Kong University), Bernard Mourrain (GALAAD, INRIA).


  • Visit of Wenping Wang at INRIA, (June 18-24, 2007).
  • Visiste of B. Mourrain and J. Wintz at Hong Kong University (October 20-27, 2007)
  • L. Busé, A. Galligo and B. Mourrain visited Hong-Kong University (June 16--22, 2008).
  • Workshop on Algorithmic Algebraic Geometry (Hong Kong, June 17,2008).
  • Dongming Yuan (Ph.D. student) visited GALAAD during an internship from March 1st to June 30.

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