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Algebraic-Geometric Computation for Manufacturing Applications (New)
A post-doc position is available at GALAAD, Inria Méditerranée, Sophia Antipolis, France

``Algebraic-Geometric Computation for Manufacturing Applications''


In Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, shapes are usually represented by piecewise
algebraic models, which define the boundary of the objects.
In the manufacturing process, several geometric operations are performed on these models
which need to be controlled and certified.
The control of machining tools is such an important step, where the precision of the computation has a direct impact on the quality of the manufactured products.
Virtual simulation and verification play important roles to guarantee that the machining step will perform safely and adequately.

This motivates the development of methods which provide guaranteed results, while remaining efficient for industrial applications.
The objective is to investigate such problems exploiting the algebraic characteristics of the representation in order to obtain certified and efficient geometric computation for the control of machining tools.

The postdoc will carry out research on topics related to the control of machining tools, such as:
  • Computation of envelopes for solid patches in rotation, for the control of machining lathe;
  • Computation of self-intersection free regions of offset surfaces for the control of milling tools ;

These investigations will focus as much as possible on exact geometric description to perform the calculation of tool paths.

An implementation and experimental validation will be developed with the geometric modeler axel (, via the construction of dedicated plugins. A connection with the software of one of the industrial partners of the projet TERRIFIC is envisaged for industrial applications.


Applicants must have received a PhD degree, preferably in Computer Science or Mathematics.
A strong background is expected in some of the following topics :
  • geometric modeling,
  • algebraic computation,
  • symbolic-numeric computation.

A good experience in C++ software development is expected.


The position is for one year with a starting date between September and December 2013.  
The position holder will work in the GALAAD team at Sophia Antipolis in coordination with the different partners of the european project TERRIFIC.


The deadline for application is June 30th, 2013.

Applications containing a CV, a publication list, a research statement  
related to the post-doctoral domain and one or two recommendation letters, should be sent
in electronic form to

  • Bernard Mourrain ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

An email to inform about the intention of application is welcome as soon as possible.


  • Deadline for application            June 30th, 2013
  • Starting dates                            Sep.-Dec. 2013
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