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Activity report 2013
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The todo list of the activity report:

  1. Update your bibliography on HAL:
    • add the missing publications
    • update the old references which are published.
  2. Get the source of the activity report

    svn checkout svn+ssh://


    svn checkout --username LOGINNAME


    svn up

    if you have already a version of the galaad svn repository.

  3. Edit the latex file galaad2013.tex and
    • for each work or publication add a corresponding subsection (with the participants) in one of the 3 parts (Representation, Computation, Certification)
    • Add the conference, committees, courses ... you particpated to.
    • Use the citation keys of HAL to refer to the publications (you can see them by looking at the BibTex export of HAL).

  4. Check that the modifications are valid:

    Browse the file log.html for errors.

  5. Save your changes:

    svn commit -m "Add contribution by ..."

    If your have a problem when commiting, update first:

    svn update
    svn commit -m "Add contribution by ..."

NB: this year the bibliography is extracted automatically from HAL. The quality and precision of all HAL references are hence very important.

More details at

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