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Evaluation of Direct Manipulation using Finger Tracking for Complex Tasks in an Immersive Cube

Emmanuelle Chapoulie, Maud Marchal, Evanthia Dimara, Maria Roussou, Jean-Christophe Lombardo, George Drettakis
Virtual Reality, Volume 18, Number 3, page 203-217 - 2014
Download the publication : gesturesCaveBasilic.pdf [11.7Mo]  
A solution for interaction using finger tracking in a cubic immersive virtual reality system (or immersive cube) is presented. Rather than using a traditional wand device, users can manipulate objects with fingers of both hands in a closeto- natural manner for moderately complex, general purpose tasks. Our solution couples finger tracking with a real-time physics engine, combined with a heuristic approach for hand manipulation, which is robust to tracker noise and simulation instabilities. A first study has been performed to evaluate our interface, with tasks involving complex manipulations, such as balancing objects while walking in the cube. The users finger-tracked manipulation was compared to manipulation with a 6 degree-of-freedom wand (or flystick), as well as with carrying out the same task in the real world. Users were also asked to perform a free task, allowing us to observe their perceived level of presence in the scene. Our results show that our approach provides a feasible interface for immersive cube environments and is perceived by users as being closer to the real experience compared to the wand. However, the wand outperforms direct manipulation in terms of speed and precision. We conclude with a discussion of the results and implications for further research.

© To appear in Virtual Reality Journal, 2014. This is authors version of the work posted here for personal use. Not for redistribution. The definitive version will be published in Virtual Reality 2014.

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