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Interactive Sampling and Rendering for Complex and Procedural Geometry

Marc Stamminger, George Drettakis
Rendering Techniques (Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop on Rendering) - 2001
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We present a new sampling method for procedural and complex geometries, which allows interactive point-based modeling and rendering of such scenes. For a variety of scenes, object-space point sets can be generated rapidly, resulting in a sufficiently dense sampling of the final image. We present an integrated approach that exploits the simplicity of the point primitive. For procedural objects a hierarchical sampling scheme is presented that adapts sample densities locally according to the projected size in the image. Dynamic procedural objects and interactive user manipulation thus become possible. The same scheme is also applied to on-the-fly generation and rendering of terrains, and enables the use of an efficient occlusion culling algorithm. Furthermore, by using points the system enables interactive rendering and simple modification of complex objects (\eg~trees). For display, hardware-accelerated 3-D point rendering is used, but our sampling method can be used by any other point-rendering approach.

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