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Conservative Visibility Preprocessing Using Extended Projections

Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH, page 239--248 - 2000
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Visualisation of very complex environments can be significantly accelerated using occlusion culling. In this paper we present a visibility preprocessing method which efficiently computes potentially visible geometry for volumetric viewing cells. We introduce novel extended projection operators, which permits efficient occlusion culling with respect to all viewpoints within a cell, and takes into account the combined occlusion effect of multiple occluders. We use extended projection of occluders onto a set of projection planes to create extended occlusion maps; we show how to efficiently test occludees against these occlusion maps to determine occlusion with respect to the entire cell. We also present an improved projection operator for certain specific but important configurations. An important advantage of our approach is that we can re-project extended projections onto a series of projection planes (via an occlusion sweep), and thus accumulate occlusion information from multiple blockers. This new approach allows the creation of effective occlusion maps for previously hard-to-treat scenes such as leaves of trees in a forest. Graphics hardware is used to accelerate both the extended projection and reprojection operations. We present a complete implementation of our preprocessing algorithm demonstrating significant speedup with respect to view-frustum culling only, without the computational overhead of on-line occlusion culling.

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