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Interactive Rendering using the Render Cache

Bruce Walter, George Drettakis, Steven Parker
Rendering Techniques (Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop on Rendering), Volume 10, page 235--246 - Jun 1999
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Interactive rendering requires rapid visual feedback. The render cache is a new method for achieving this when using high-quality pixel-oriented renderers such as ray tracing that are usually considered too slow for interactive use. The render cache provides visual feedback at a rate faster than the renderer can generate complete frames, at the cost of producing approximate images during camera and object motion. The method works both by caching previous results and reprojecting them to estimate the current image and by directing the renderer's sampling to more rapidly improve subsequent images. Our implementation demonstrates an interactive application working with both ray tracing and path tracing renderers in situations where they would normally be considered too expensive. Moreover we accomplish this using a software only implementation without the use of 3D graphics hardware.

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