Scientific Advisor of OASIS Team
Founder of INRIA Startup ActiveEon
Distributed and
Multi-Core Parallelism
for Safe
and Parallelism
Recent KEYNOTE Talks:
 -  ProActive Hybrid Workflows with CPUs and GPUs, with Use Cases[PPTx] [PDF]
Invited talk at Towards petaflop numerical simulation on parallel hybrid architecture, June 10th 2011, CEA EDF INRIA School
 -  ProActive Parallel Suite and OW2 OSCi initiative: from Multi-Cores to Multi-Clouds [PPTx] [PDF] [PPSX]
Invited keynote at OW2 Annual Conference, November 24th 2010, Paris
 -  From Multi-Cores to Clouds with ProActive Parallel Suite: Use cases in Biotech, IT, Finance, and Engineering [PPTx] [PDF] [PPSX]
keynote at GCC, The 9th International Conference on Grid and Cloud Computing, Nov. 3rd 2010, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
 -  Cloud Computing Revolution [PPTx] [PDF] [PPSX]
Invited Keynote at Expo Universal 2010, Oct. 18, Shanghai, China [Abstract] [French Pavillon Booklet]
 -  Bridging Multi-Core and Distributed Computing: all the way up to the Cloud [PPTx] [PDF] [PPSX]
keynote at ICPADS, Dec. 11 2009, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China
 -  ProActive Parallel Suite: Multi-Cores to Clouds to Autonomicity
keynote at ICCP, August 28, 2009, Cluj, Romania
 -  Effective SOA + GRIDs with ProActive Parallel Suite
invited speak at DEVOXX, Dec. 12 2008, Antwerp, Belgium
 -  Bridging Distributed and Multi-Core Computing
keynote at DAPSYS (International Conference on Distributed and Parallel Systems), September 3-5, 2008, Hungary
 -  Strong Programming Model for Strong Weak Mobility
keynote at The 9th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM'08), China, April 28, 2008, Beijing
 -  Open Source Middleware for Grids and Parallelism: ProActive
invited Seminar at Harvard Medical School and MIT, Monday January 28th, USA, Boston.

Job opportunities

Ph.D. / Thèse / Doctorat (From Sept. 2009)

OASIS joint project
 - I3S CNRS - Univ. of Nice - INRIA Sophia Antipolis
membre IUF, Institut universitaire de France

Research Internships 2009 (Sujets de MASTER Recherche)