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A source-level debugger for Scheme on the JVM

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Bugloo is a command-line based debugger, but for the sake of simplicity you can use it with a GUI frontend too. So far, we have developped a GUI wrapper (shipped with the Bugloo distribution) that works with the GNU Emacs / XEmacs editors. For this frontend to work, you must have installed Bee, the emacs environment that comes with your Bigloo distribution.

Here are some screenshots of the GNU Emacs frontend :

A buffer connected to Bugloo, with breakpoints and footprints.
The stackframe of the suspended thread, i.e. the function into which the program is suspended, and all other pending functions.
Visible local variables at the place where the program was suspended.
The Bugloo command line accessible inside the editor.
The list of breakpoints inside this debug session.
The customization of the source path repository.
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