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#*    Changes from version 0.4.1 to version 0.5.0                      */
Thu Nov  4 13:58:23 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Changed Emacs frontend to automatically popup threads, stack or
        args windows on click events.
Tue Nov  2 22:16:37 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed incorrect display of the highlighted line when single
        stepping into a source that isn't available.
Fri Aug 27 13:18:13 2004 (Valeriya):
        *** Changed the tutorial README file. The program has to be compiled
        in its own directory in order for the tutorial to work problerly.

Thu Aug 26 15:13:57 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** The repository now depends on GNU autoconf and libtool. Each
        subdir contains its own Makefile.

        *** Improved compilation on MacOS X. Special configure options are
        no longer needed to build properly.

        *** Build on newer platforms: FreeBSD, AMD64, HP-UX pa-risc, Alpha
        ev68, Solaris 9 Ultrasparc and x86 (still seeking other test 
        platform, like Itanium boxes).

        *** Added a complete GUI toolbox for debugging fairthreads. See the
        paper accepted at Scheme Workshop 2004.
#*    Changes from version 0.4.0 to version 0.4.1                      */
Wed Feb 25 18:05:45 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added an "info" command to display fairthreads instead of jvm
        threads. Prints every scheduler and their attached threads.
Wed Feb 25 18:04:06 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Oops ! Changes in breakpoint numbering scheme and in left margin
        were not properly comitted. Done. 

#*    Changes from version 0.3.1 to version 0.4.0                      */
Wed Jan 28 12:04:05 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Global Code Refactoring: now the core debugger is really
        independent from the Emacs/Text frontend. We can focus on adding
        real GUI debug functionalities (Swing / Biglook).
        *** Added a heap inspector view in the Emacs frontend.

        *** Fixed problems in with Emacs hooks. They no longer disappear
        after restarting the debuggee.
Fri Jan 23 14:45:51 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Bugloo menus were updated. Added a history management buffer.
Mon Jan 19 17:57:13 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added the ability to kill a buffer and restart it without losing
        the breakpoints in the margin.

Mon Jan 19 17:57:13 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed breakpoint numbering scheme. The breakpoint numbering no
        longer restarts from 0 when a new VM is spawned.
Thu Jan 15 19:11:47 2004 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed broken left margin in GNU Emacs mode. Everithing should
        work fine now. The emacs binding is also much more robust.
Mon Dec 29 21:09:44 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Stderr output added in the emacs GUI binding.

Mon Nov  3 14:42:59 2003 (Bernard Serpette):
        *** Fixed a buggy definition of the macro STOP_BENCH that was 
        causing troubles when compiling with gcc 2.95.x

#*    Changes from version 0.3.0 to version 0.3.1                      */
Mon Sep 15 14:48:39 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed a buggy array copy when returning the back references path
        to the debugger JVM.

Fri Sep 12 13:53:50 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed a buffer overflow in the computation of incoming
        *** Fixed buffer connection in the Emacs frontend. The variable
        bug-margin-overlays was not buffer local, which was preventing the
        connection of two buffer simultaneously.

        *** The search for a back-references path is now O(n.log(m)) in time
        instead of O(n.m), where n stands for the number of objects in the
        JVM, and m the number of classes.

Thu Sep 11 17:18:42 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** The class layout precalc needed for the back-references
        feature is now computed incrementally, and kept between backref
#*    Changes from version 0.2.0 to version 0.3.0                      */
Wed Jul  9 12:11:29 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Modified configure and Makefiles so that Bugloo successfully
        build on MacOS !!! Tested with Apple JDK 1.4.1.
Tue Jul  8 15:24:53 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added a feature in BiglooNameMangler to be able to associate a
        closure object to the real user procedure it references. This
        works even with classfiles that are not compiled in debug mode,
        without adding a byte of infos.

        *** Fixed a bug in BiglooNameMangler that preventing class that were
        not initialized in the debuggee JVM to be demangled.

Thu Jul  3 16:28:44 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed a bug in BiglooNameMangler when demangling a bootstraped
        bigloo class (ie one which is coded in Java). These kind of class 
        does not include static field __the_module_name__ and thus require
        a special treatment for demangling.
        *** Added a print command a la GDB. print takes a sexp, and extend
        it with a let that capture local variable inside the current
        function, plus the current value %obj%. The sexp is evaluated and
        its result is printed by the current displayer.
        Added documentation for the print and print! command.
Wed Jul  2 14:57:38 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed a bug in the emacs-mode toolbar on the interrupt icon.
        bmacs-gnu-emacs.el file modified to support Emacs 21.3 CVS.

        *** Thread selection and frame selection are now done in a silent
        way (the action is no longer dumped in the prompt frame).

Tue Jul  1 16:09:16 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** The GUI binding of Bugloo Succesfully runs on Emacs 21.3 CVS
        under Win32 !! At last, cmd.exe shell can be embedded into the 
        *** It is now necessary to send EOF signal twice (ie CTRL+D on
        Unices) to stop Bugloo. This is done to circumvent a bug in signal
        handling on Sun JDK1.4.2 under Win32...

Mon Jun 30 15:52:23 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** New mechanism for stopping the debuggee while it is
        running. Bugloo doesn't uses com.sun.signal facility anymore. It
        uses signal chaining instead, which makes it compatible with
        recent JDKs (>= 1.4.1) across all platforms.
Fri Jun 27 11:49:27 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Smarter predicates for backref implementation. The machine word
        that is modified for the mark is first saved into a tmp
        buffer. The size of the buffer is determined by requesting a JVMPI
        heap dump !

        *** Fixed wrong includes for timing that was causing compilation
        problem under win32.
        *** Added new flags into the bugloo.properties file, relating to jni
        checks and verbosity mode for the debuggee JVM.

        *** Fixed win32 examples compilation to produce output name which 
        ends with .bat

        *** Fixed some elisp compilation bugs in bug-breakpoint.el and 

        *** Emacs CVS has change the way of compiling .el files. Now it
        enters the directory the .el file reside in. Compilation flags
        have been changed to reflect Emacs changes.
Wed Jun 25 16:56:26 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** New backref implementation. Computations done with JNI and in
        debuggee virtual machine. Huge speed improvement. JVM objects
        need to be marked during computations. MSB is used as a mark, so
        this may be non-partable. Currently tested on IBM JDK 1.4 and Sun
        JDK 1.4 on ia32.
Wed Jun 18 12:22:54 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added support for java.lang.Object[] in the BiglooNameMangler. 
        Now it prints as ::vector
Wed May 28 09:08:56 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** The Treeview style is now documented and embeddable in other
        Scribe documents (hey man, what a feature !)

        *** Fixed a bug in the thread that dispatches stdin. When a target
        VM was started, the thread was reset with a new InputStreamReader
        that was not aware of chars in stdin already read by the Bigloo

#*    Changes from version 0.1e to version 0.2.0                       */
Sun May 11 18:36:15 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Change the way the left margin is managed in GNU Emacs 21. Now
        the margin can have a color and work with gtk-enabled emacs cvs.

        *** Added overlay rendering in breakpoint frame, and automatic
        refresh on breakpoint operations.

        *** Fixed bugs with completion and invocation of Bugloo in the

        *** Many improvements in Bugloo Reference Manual.
Fri May  9 17:32:08 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Yet another relase naming convention ! This time I choosed a
        numbering scheme like {major breakthrough}.{feature
        enhancement}.{bugfix}. Hence the numbering Bugloo 0.2.0 :P

        *** Global References in "incoming references" feature are not
        reported anymore. This is a temporary fix to a bug in current
        implementations of JDK 1.4.x. (See bugparade #4858370). A patch
        in the JVM has been proposed. Wait and See !
Tue May  6 12:16:29 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Found problem when pinpointing an Object which is not referenced
        anymore in the target VM. In certain cases the cached information
        like heap information cannot be retained and must be recomputed.

        *** Fixed a bug when restarting VM while an AsyncWorker did not
        stopped properly.

        *** Fixed a bug so that Emacs/Xemacs frontend unshows current
        execution line when restarting the debuggee.

Fri Apr 25 20:35:22 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added a memory debugging feature (incoming) which dumps
        all JVM objects (even JNI native references) that are directly
        referencing a particular object in the JVM heap.

        *** Added to the "backref" feature a mechanism of selection similar
        to the "incoming" feature. One can select any object that appears
        in the resulting dump of the feature.

Thu Apr 24 19:32:15 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Changed stackframe displaying so that native methods can be 
        differenciated from normal ones.
Fri Apr 18 11:25:58 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed a bug when demangling synthetic method generated by Bigloo
        (those method not present in the source file) which was printing
        an incorect name for the class the method was defined in.

Thu Apr  3 17:05:04 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Heap dump feature greatly improved (experimental). now dumping
        600000 objs (22Mb heap) and sorting them take 5s on a PIII 1Ghz.
        (was taking 50s before...)

        *** Fixed a bug when demangling Bigloo type that was containing
        non-null package name.

Mon Mar 31 15:36:22 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed breakpoint creation when restarting the debuggee. Every
        action should now keep its right number and its state

        *** Fixed inspection of objects that contains null fields.

Tue Mar  4 17:08:54 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added a mechanism to select arbitrary in the JVM heap and to
        obtain infos on it (like show, inspect and backref)

        *** Fixed the construction of the back-references graph. It is now a
        beautyful back-references forest, composed of many directed trees.

        *** Fixed a bug in BiglooNameMangler that was causing classes to be
        incorrectly demangled (trailing _K removed).

Fri Feb 14 12:31:23 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added a breakpoint frame into the Emacs debugger. Every
        breakpoint can be enabled, disabled or deleted with the mouse
        *** Added an invisible breakpoint into Bigloo error handling
        methods. Now a bigloo error is raised, and the debuggee is
        stopped. The method that caused the error is still visible in the
        *** Fixed a bug in asynchronous invocation. the debugger state was
        partially disappearing (current frame).
        *** Fixed a wrong funcall in bugloo toolbar (Emacs mode)

        *** Fixed a forgotten fontlock which was causing the exception text
        displayed to disappear in Emacs mode.

#*    Changes from version 0.1d to version 0.1e                        */
Fri Feb  7 16:00:55 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed the association (file - JVM class) in Emacs mode. Cached
        value is now reinitialized when ude-root-directory changes.

        *** Added a display-circle displayer into the debugger.

Thu Feb  6 21:34:12 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Work with Bigloo2.5d (beta) to support the JSR-045 Specification
        (Debugger Extension for non-Java programming Languages). Bigloo
        classfiles now automatically expose a correct sourcepath
        (directory + filename) to the debugger.
        *** Fixed breakpoints issues with Emacs mode when using the (run) or
        (run/reset) commands.

Wed Feb  5 17:08:41 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fully rewritten the mechanism of starting Bugloo. Now the
        debuggee can be loaded on demand (not always at startup), and can
        be changed without restarting Bugloo.

Wed Feb  5 16:53:05 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added documentation for (info trace) and (info record)

Wed Feb  5 16:49:53 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed Record and Traces status when starting new debuggee.

Wed Feb  5 15:23:11 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed a bug in ConditionalBreakpoint creation and duplication
        when starting another VM.

Wed Feb  5 14:54:26 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added the chapter "Starting the debugger" in the quick reference

Wed Jan 29 12:01:02 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** New version number scheme. Development versions of Bugloo will
        be tagged as {vernum}-dev-{ver} (e.g 0.1e-dev-1) until their
        stable release.

Wed Jan 29 12:03:49 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added JVM version detection, to avoid errors at compile-time due
        to the use of wrong JVMs.

#*    Changes from version 0.1c to version 0.1d                        */
Wed Jan 22 17:00:25 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Win32 compilation supported (!!). Huge configure and Makefile
        reworking. Bugloo native part runs natively without cygwin DLLs.

Wed Jan 22 17:03:30 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Found some problems with shell scripts generation into Bigloo.

Wed Jan 22 17:03:35 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added INSTALL.win32 help file for win32 compilation process.

Thu Jan 23 09:37:24 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Switched to C++ instead of C for the native part. JNI coding
        style is cleaner in this way. A libstdc++ is not needed yet.
#*    Changes from version 0.1b to version 0.1c                        */
Wed Dec 18 10:23:14 2002 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed Java emacs mode typo in popup menu. ("JAVA ...")

Thu Dec 19 17:03:39 2002 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Fixed Bugloo command line invocation within Emacs mode.

Mon Jan  6 14:05:28 2003 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added multimodule debugging commodity into Emacs frontend.
        Repository mechanism (like classpath or sourcepath) customizable
        inside the main toolbar.
#*    Changes from version 0.1a to version 0.1b                        */
Mon Dec  9 16:42:46 2002 (Damien Ciabrini):
        *** Added global variable inspection for Bigloo classes. A new
        mechanism introspects every static variable of Bigloo classes
        until the variable name is found.
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