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A source-level debugger for Scheme on the JVM

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Latest stable version

The latest stable version is Bugloo 0.5.0, released Tue, 04 Jan 2005 12:10:36 +0100

You may download any of the following archives:

Older versions of Bugloo are still available at ftp://ftp-sop.inria.fr/mimosa/fp/Bugloo.

What's new

The following features have been added or modified between release 0.5.0 and 0.4.2:

  • The repository now depends on GNU autoconf and libtool.
  • Easier compilation on MacOS X (specific compilation flags are no longer necessary).
  • The three major JDKs (Sun, IBM, Apple) are autodetected properly at configure-time.
  • Build on newer platforms: FreeBSD, AMD64, HP-UX pa-risc, Alpha ev68, Solaris 9 Ultrasparc and x86 (still seeking other test platform, like Itanium boxes).
  • Bugloo now uses the Biglook graphical toolkit in addition to the emacs binding.
  • Added a complete graphical debugging support for the Scheme Fair Threads framework.
  • The documentation is now available in Mozilla/Firefox builtin help format.

You can browse the complete ChangeLog history online.


In order to compile Bugloo, the following software must be installed on your machine:

The cross platform build toolchain including autoconf, automake, autoheader and libtool.
GNU make
Mandatory to process Bugloo's makefiles.
For Win32 users. Used during the compilation process only.
The optimizing Scheme compiler. You need version 2.6f or more recent.
The Scheme GUI toolkit. The source are available through the SVN revision control system.
JDK 1.4.x
A Java Virtual Machine from Sun, Apple or IBM.

Here is a list of optional software you may want to download:

GNU Emacs / Xemacs
Bugloo comes with a complete emacs mode to let you debug your programs within your favorite editor.
A very fast java compiler from IBM.
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