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Bugloo is a source level debugger for the Scheme compiler Bigloo. It aims at helping the debugging of Bigloo programs that are compiled into JVM bytecode. It is implemented by means of the JVM Debugging Architecture, a set of standard APIs provided by Sun to make debuggers and profilers.

Currently, Bugloo can debug Bigloo programs, Java programs or a mix of both by instrumenting their execution. It is based on the debugging model found in GDB, but provides additional fonctionalities to deal with the features of modern programming languages. Such fonctionalities include debug sessions, traces, memory debugging, programmable breakpoints or embeddable interpreters.

Bugloo is a command-line debugger: users control the execution of their program by means of a Scheme-like command language. For the sake of simplicity, it provides a complete debugging environment for the GNU Emacs and XEmacs editors. Parts of the debuggers are also accessible through a Swing-based GUI thanks to the Biglook toolkit.


Bugloo 0.5.0 available !
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:28:12 +0100

A new version 0.5.0 has been uploaded today.

  • The build process is now based on GNU autoconf.
  • It now builds on many new architectures and some new OSes.
  • It provides a new GUI binding based on Biglook.
  • It also includes a debugging support for Scheme Fair Threads.

Bugloo is available on our FTP and in the download section.

New web site, now RSS-enabled
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:05:41 +0100
I hacked a simple new style for Skribe to generate RSS feed from my news entries. It becomes easier to follow latest development of the debugger.


Bugloo is distributed under the Gnu Public License.

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