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Laurent Blanchet

Coprin Team (website)

assistante de projet / secretary:

  • Christine Riehl

doctorants / PhD students:

  • Rémy Ramadour , action PAL, en co-tutelle avec LAGADIC,robotics (2011-2014)
  • Karim Bakal, action PAL, en co-tutelle avec HandiBio (Universite du Sud, Toulon), Bio-mechanics (2012-)

chercheurs permanents / staff:

Useful Links

The Matrix Cookbook

Huge cheat-sheet about matrices and formula associated.

Regular expressions

All you ever wanted to know about regular expressions (especially useful combined with Sed).


Will do wonders whether you need to filter data from a file, rename files/folders, etc. Think about filtering, think of Sed!


Euclidean Space/Rotation/Conversions

Reminder about rotation conversions, with code associated.

Yahoo! Pipes homepage

Y! Pipes is a graphical interface for PERL code, oriented towards feed manipulation. The resulting simplicity enables one to do create fast and simple web applications, but also complex ones, especially with YQL-execute to add a server-side javascript step.

Yahoo! YQL

Y! YQL is mainly an interface aggregating APIs and providing an SQL-like access to those. More importantly (in my opinion) is YQL-execute, allowing one to store and execute JavaScript on Yahoo's servers, and even interface it with Pipes (both ways).

Dorian Despriester's blog

The blog (in French) of a friend, in which he writes about advanced LaTeX, Linux and miscellaneous geek stuff.