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Researcher in the Team Calisto at Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée (France), I am currently holding a Starting Research Position. 

I am interested in developing Lagrangian stochastic models to simulate discrete particle dynamics in wall-bounded turbulent flows, with specific emphasis on particle deposition, resuspension and agglomeration phenomena. My research is thus at the crossroad between several physical domains (including fluid dynamics, multiphase flows, interface chemistry & surface science) and various issues of numerical analysis (stochastic models, optimisation and numerical implementations).

Currently, my research activities address challenges in mathematics and physics, with a view toward engineering applications. My research thus benefits from leading-edge research in stochastic models pursued in the team Calisto, which is a key aspect in my aspirations to develop new state-of-the-art models and to apply them in new applications.

Research topics

Topic: My research is focused on particle-laden flows, i.e. flows with particles in suspension.
Such particle suspensions are encountered in a wide range of situations, including: 
    - Atmospheric flows (pollutant and sand dynamics, ash fallout in volcanic eruptions)
    - Oceanographic flows (dynamics of plankton in oceans, plastic contamination in marine systems)
    - Geological flows (sediment in rivers)
    - Industrial fields (fouling by colloids in heat exchangers, water treatment facilities)

Methodology: I am developing Lagrangian stochastic models to predict phenomena related to particle-laden flows. These models stem from the analysis of available experimental observations/microscopic simulations and from theoretical aspects. The main interest of such Lagrangian stochastic models is that key physico-chemical phenomena are treated without approximation (e.g. transport), while being flexible enough to easily introduce new models (e.g. adhesion with surfaces) and remaining tractable in complex engineering/environmental applications.

Among all the mechanisms at play, I have studied in particular the following ones:
Turbulent transport and dispersion

Inertial particles, non-spherical particles, near-wall turbulent transport, preferential concentration.

Agglomeration and fragmentation

Particle collision, particle adhesion, aggregate morphology, particle growth.


Near-wall turbulent transport, particle-surface interactions, surface roughness, deposit morphology.


Near-wall particle motion (sliding / rolling / lift), particle-surface adhesion, surface roughness, avalanche effects.

Current projects

I am currently active in several collaborative projects, most of them in collaboration with members of Team Calisto. Each project is concerned with physical/theoretical aspects and numerical methods where collaboration with members of the team is essential. My current research involves the following topics:


Lagrange-Lagrange model for two-phase flows

Collaborative work with M. Bossy from Team Calisto to develop a stochastic Lagrange-Lagrange model for the fluid & particle phase in the SDM Code.


Model for ellipsoid dynamics and orientation

Collaborative project (POPART) between EDF R&D and Team Calisto (M. Bossy, J. Bec, S. Allende, L. Campana) to develop a stochastic model for the orientation of ellipsoids.


Collision-induced particle resuspension

Collaborative work with G. Lécrivain from HZDR providing direct experimental evidence of collision-induced resuspension and developing corresponding models.


Generalised Langevin model for two-phase flows

Collaborative work with M. Ferrand (CEREA) and J.P. Minier (EDF R&D) to improve Langevin models and to develop unified wall function boundary conditions. 


Simulations of soot particle agglomeration and maturity 

Collaborative work with CORIA (J. Yon, J. Moran) to simulate maturity effects on the aggregation of soot particles.


Uncertainty quantification of two-phase flow simulations

Uncertainty quantification to analyse the results of numerical simulations on droplet dispersion in the air (Inria’s Mission Covid) or turbulent dispersion (VIMMP project)

Short Curriculum

10/2016 - 09/2018: Post-doctoral Fellow in Laboratory Lagrange at OCA, Nice (France)
02/2014 - 09/2016: Research Associate in Multiphase Flow Dept. at IMP PAN, Gdansk (Poland)
10/2012 - 01/2014: Post-doctoral Fellow in Multiphase Flow Dept. at IMP PAN, Gdansk (Poland)

09/2009 - 09/2012: PhD from UPMC at Chimie ParisTech and EDF R&D, Paris (France)
09/2006 - 06/2009: Master of Engineering at Mines ParisTech, Paris (France)


+33 4 92 38 77 03

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