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Publications à paraitre dans le cadre du projet AGAPE

Articles dans des revues internationales

  1. I. Adler, F. Dorn, F. V. Fomin, I. Sau, and D. M. Thilikos. Fast Minor Testing in Planar Graphs. To appear in Algorithmica.
  2. J. Durand-Lose. Abstract Geometrical Computation 7: Geometrical accumulations and  computably enumerable real numbers. ``Natural Computing'' to appear.
  3. D. Gonçalves and E.J. Kim. On Exact Algorithms for Permutation CSP. ``Theoretical Computer Science'', to appear.
  4. G. B. Mertzios, I. Sau, and S. Zaks. The Recognition of Tolerance and Bounded Tolerance Graphs. To appear in SIAM Journal on Computing.
  5. P. Heggernes, P. van't Hof, B. Lévêque, D. Lokshtanov and C. Paul. Contracting graphs to paths and trees. ``Algorithmica'', to appear.
  6. M. Liedloff, Ioan Todinca and Y. Villanger. Solving Capacitated Dominating Set by Using Covering by Subsets and Maximum Matching. To appear in Discrete Applied Mathematics.
  7. I. Sau and D. M. Thilikos. On Self-duality of Branchwidth in Graphs of Bounded Genus. To appear in Discrete Applied Mathematics.
  8. N. Bousquet, D. Gonçalves, G. B. Mertzios, C. Paul, I. Sau and S. Thomassé. Parameterized Domination in Circle Graphs. To appear in Theory of Computing Systems.
  9. J. Rué, I. Sau and D. M. Thilikos. Dynamic Programming for Graphs on Surfaces. To appear in ACM Transactions on Algorithms.

Proceedings de conférences

  1. M. Cochefert and D. Kratsch. Exact algorithms to clique-colour graphs. In Proceedings of SOFSEM 2014, to appear.
  2. F. Fomin, I. Todinca and Y. Villanger. Large induced subgraphs via triangulations and CMSO. To appear in SODA 2014.
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