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Publications 2011 dans le cadre du projet AGAPE

Articles dans des revues internationales

  1. M. Basavaraju, L.S. Chandran, N. Cohen, F. Havet and T. Müller. Acyclic edge-coloring of planar graphs. ``SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics'', 25(2):463--478, 2011. fichier PDF.
  2. S. Bessy, F. Fomin, S. Gaspers. C. Paul, A Perez, S. Saurabh and S. Thomassé. Kernels for feedback arc set in tournaments. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 77(6):1071-1078, 2011.
  3. D. Binkele-Raible, L. Brankovic, M. Cygan, H. Fernau, J. Kneis, D. Kratsch, A. Langer, M. Liedloff, M. Pilipczuk, P. Rossmanith, J.O. Wojtaszczyk. Breaking the $2^n$-barrier for irredundance: two lines of attack. Journal of Discrete Algorithms 9:214--230, 2011.
  4. J. Chalopin, V. Chepoi, N. Nisse and Y. Vaxès. Cop and robber games when the robber can hide and ride. SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 25(1):333--359, 2011.
  5. N. Cohen, D. Coudert, D. Mazauric, N. Nepomuceno, and Nicolas Nisse. Tradeoffs in process strategy games with application in the WDM reconfiguration problem. Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, 2011, 412 (35), pp. 4675-4687.
  6. D. Coudert, F. Giroire, and I. Sau. Circuits in graphs through a prescribed set of ordered vertices. Journal of Interconnection Networks 11(3-4):121--141, 2011. fichier PDF.
  7. D. Coudert and J-S. Sereni. Characterization of graphs and digraphs with small process number. Discrete Applied Mathematics 159(11):1094--1109, 2011. fichier PDF.
  8. J. Durand-Lose. Abstract geometrical computation 4: Small Turing universal signal machines. ``Theor. Comput. Sci.'' 412(1-2): 57-67, 2011.
  9. J. Durand-Lose. Abstract geometrical computation 5: embedding computable analysis. ``Natural Computing'' 10(4): 1261-1273, 2011.
  10. R. Erman, F. Havet, B. Lidicky, and O. Pangrác. 5-colouring graphs with 4 crossings. ``SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics'', 25(1):401-422, 2011. fichier PDF.
  11. H. Fernau, J. Kneis, D. Kratsch, A. Langer, M. Liedloff, D. Raible, P. Rossmanith. An exact algorithm for the Maximum Leaf Spanning Tree problem, ``Theoretical Computer Science'' 412:6290 -- 6302, 2011.
  12. F.V. Fomin, P.A. Golovach, J. Kratochvil, D. Kratsch and M. Liedloff. Branch and Recharge : Exact algorithms for generalized domination, ``Algorithmica'' 61:252--273, 2011.
  13. P. Golovach, P. Heggernes, D. Kratsch, D. Lokshtanov, D.Meister, and S. Saurabh. Bandwidth on AT-free graphs. ``Theoretical Computer Science'' 412:7001 -- 7008, 2012.
  14. F. Havet, M. Klazar, J. Kratochvil, D. Kratsch, and M. Liedloff. Exact algorithms for L(2,1)-labeling of graphs. Algorithmica 59(2):169--194, 2011.
  15. I. Rapaport, K. Suchan, I. Todinca, and J. Verstraëte. On Dissemination Thresholds in Regular and Irregular Graph Classes. ``Algorithmica'' 59(1): 16-34, 2011.
  16. G. B. Mertzios, I. Sau and S. Zaks. The Recognition of Tolerance and Bounded Tolerance Graphs. SIAM Journal on Computing, 40(5): 1234--1257, 2011.
  17. X. Muñoz, Z. Li and I. Sau. Edge-partitioning Regular Graphs for Ring Traffic Grooming with a Priori Placement of the ADMs. SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 25(4): 1490--1505, 2011.
  18. I. Adler, F. Dorn, F. V. Fomin, I. Sau and D. M. Thilikos. Faster Parameterized Algorithms for Minor Containment. Theoretical Computer Science, 412(50): 7018--7028, 2011.
  19. I. Sau and D. M. Thilikos. On Self-duality of Branchwidth in Graphs of Bounded Genus. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 159(17): 2184--2186, 2011.

Proceedings de conférences

  1. J. Araujo, J.-C. Bermond, F. Giroire, F. Havet, D. Mazauric, and R. Modrzejewski. Weighted improper colouring. ``Proceedings of IWOCA'11, ``Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 7056(pp. 1-18), 2011.
  2. J. Bang-Jensen, F. Havet, and N. Trotignon. Finding an induced subdivision of a digraph. Proceedings of LAGOS 2011, Electronic Notes on Discrete Mathematics, 37 pages 9--14, 2011.
  3. F. Becker, M. Matamala, N. Nisse, I. Rapaport, K. Suchan, and I. Todinca. Adding a referee to an interconnection network: What can(not) be computed in one round. Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), to appear, 2011.
  4. S. Bessy and A. Perez Polynomial kernels for Proper Interval Completion and related problems. Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory. ``Lecture Notes in Computer Science'' Vol. 6914 (pp. 1732-1744), 2011.
  5. H. L. Bodlaender and D. Kratsch. Exact algorithms for Kayles, Proceedings of WG 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 6986 (pp. 59-70), 2011.
  6. N. Bousquet, J. Daligault, and S. Thomassé. Multicut is FPT. Proceedings of STOC 2011 p.459.
  7. J.-F. Couturier, P. Golovach, D. Kratsch, and D. Paulusma. List coloring in the absence of a linear forest. Proceedings of WG 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 6986 (pp. 119-130), 2011.
  8. J.-F. Couturier and D. Kratsch. Bicolored independent set and bicliques. Proceedings of CTW 2011, pp. 130-133, 2011
  9. D. Duchier, J. Durand-Lose, and M. Senot. Solving Q-SAT in bounded space and time by geometrical computation. "Proceedings of CiE'11", pages 76-86, 2011.
  10. F. Fomin, P. Heggernes, D. Kratsch, C. Papadopoulos, and Y. Villanger. Enumerating minimal subset feedback vertex sets. Proceedings of WADS 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 6844 (pp. 399-410), Springer-Verlag, 2011.
  11. F. Fomin, I. Todinca, Y. Villanger. Exact algorithm for the maximum induced planar subraph problem. Proceedings of European Symposium on Algorithms - ESA, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, (pp. 287-298), 2011.
  12. S. Gaspers, M. Liedloff, M. Stein, and K. Suchan. Complexity of Splits Reconstruction for Low-Degree Trees. Proceedings of WG 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 6986 (pp. 167-178), 2011.
  13. P. Heggernes P. van 't Hof, B. Lévêque, and C. Paul. Contracting chordal graphs to paths and trees. Proceedings of LAGOS 2011, Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 37:87-92, 2011.
  14. P. Heggernes, P. van 't Hof, B. Lévêque, D. Lokshtanov, and C. Paul. Contracting Graphs to Paths and Trees. Proceedings of IPEC 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 7112 (pp. 55-66), 2011.
  15. P. Heggernes, P. van't Hof, D. Lokshtanov and C. Paul. Obtaining a bipartite graph by contracting few edges. ``Proceedings of International Workshop On Combinatorial Algorithms - FSTTCS''. ``Leibnitz International Proceedings in Informatics}, Vol. 13 (pp. 217--228), 2011.
  16. G. Joret, C. Paul, I. Sau, S. Saurabh, and S. Thomassé. Hitting and harvesting pumpkins. Proceedings of European Symposium on Algorithms - ESA, volume 6942 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 394--407, 2011.
  17. D. Peleg, I. Sau, and M. Shalom. On approximating the d-girth of a graph. In Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science (SOFSEM), volume 6543 of LNCS, pages 467--481, Novy Smokovec, Slovakia, January 2011.
  18. K. Junosza-Szaniawski, J. Kratochvil, M. Liedloff, P. Rossmanith, and P. Rzazewski. Fast Exact Algorithm for L(2,1)-Labeling of Graphs. Proceedings of TAMC 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 6648 (pp. 82-93), 2011.
  19. C. Paul, A. Perez, and S. Thomassé. Conflict Packing yields linear vertex-kernels for Rooted Triplet Inconsistency and other problems. Proceedings of International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science - MFSC, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 6907 (pp. 497--507), 2011.

Rapports de recherches

  1. P. Aboulker, F. Havet, and Nicolas Trotignon. On wheel-free graphs. Research Report RR-7651, INRIA, June 2011. fichier PDF
  2. L. Addario-Berry, F. Havet, C. Linhares Sales, B. Reed, and S. Thomassé. Oriented trees in digraphs INRIA Research Report RR-7502, Jan. 2011. fichier PDF
  3. S. Bessy and F. Havet. Enumerating the edge-colourings and total colourings of a regular graph. Research Report RR-7652, INRIA, June 2011. fichier PDF
  4. R. Crowston, M. Fellows, G. Gutin, M. Jones, F. Rosamond, S. Thomassé and A. Yeo. Simultaneously satisfying linear equations over F2. Submitted.
  5. P. Heggernes, P. van 't Hof, D. Lokshtanov, and C. Paul. Obtaining a Bipartite Graph by Contracting Few Edges. Submitted to FSTTCS 2011.
  6. V. Levorato, ANR AGAPE - Implémentation d'algorithmes exacts pour le problème du stable maximum, Rapport de recherche RR-2011-15, LIFO, 2011
  7. V. Levorato, ANR AGAPE - Implémentation du problème de couverture minimum et applications d'algorithmes exacts paramétrés aux graphes aléatoires, Rapport de recherche RR-2011-16, LIFO, 2011
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