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Publications 2009 dans le cadre du projet AGAPE

Articles dans des revues internationales

  1. O. Amini, F. Mazoit, N. Nisse, and S. Thomassé. Submodular Partition Functions. Discrete Mathematics 309(20): 6000-6008, 2009. fichier PDF
  2. F.V. Fomin, F. Grandoni, and D. Kratsch. A Measure & Conquer approach for the analysis of exact algorithms. Journal of the ACM 56(5): article 25, 2009.
  3. F. V. Fomin, F. Mazoit, and I. Todinca: Computing branchwidth via efficient triangulations and blocks. "Discrete Applied Mathematics" 157(12): 2726-2736, 2009.
  4. S. Gaspers, D. Kratsch, M. Liedloff, and I. Todinca. Exponential time algorithms for the minimum dominating set problem on some graph classes. ACM Transcactions on Algorithms 6(1): article 9, 2009.

Proceedings de conférences

  1. S. Bessy, F. Fomin, S. Gaspers, C. Paul, A. Perez, S. Saurabh and S. Thomassé. Kernels for Feedback Arc Set in Tournaments. In FSTTCS 2009. fichier PDF
  2. S. Bessy, C. Paul and A. Perez. Polynomial Kernels for 3-Leaf Power Graph Modification Problems. In IWOCA 2009 p. 72-82.
  3. H. Bodlaender, S. Thomassé and A. Yeo. Kernel bounds for disjoint cycles and disjoint paths. In ESA '09
  4. M. Chapelle, F. Mazoit, I. Todinca: Constructing Brambles. In "MFCS 2009", p. 223-234.
  5. J. Daligault and S. Thomassé. On finding directed trees with many leaves. In IWPEC 2009. fichier PDF
  6. F. Fomin, S. Gaspers, S. Thomassé and S. Saurabh. A linear vertex kernel for Maximum Internal Spanning Tree. In ISAAC 2009. fichier PDF
  7. P. Gambette, V. Berry, and C. Paul. The Structure of Level-k Phylogenetic Networks. In CPM 2009 p. 289-300.
  8. P. Golovach, P. Heggernes, D. Kratsch, D. Lokshtanov, D.Meister and S. Saurabh. Bandwidth on AT-free graphs. In Proceedings of ISAAC 2009, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5878, pp. 573--582, 2009.
  9. D. Gonçalves, F. Havet, A. Pinlou, and S. Thomassé. Spanning galaxies in digraphs. In European Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Applications (Eurocomb 2009), Electronic Notes on Discrete Mathematics 34:139-143, 2009. fichier PDF
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