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Some contributions are currently available. They are nicely offered by their authors. Let them be thanked for this. These contributions are distributed with the hope that they will be of some help but, of course, no warranty is made about them. If you have written a Bigloo program that you think could be useful to other people, please, fill free to propose it as a contribution.

Available contributions

ContribDescriptionAuthorBigloo version
apropos.tar.gzAn apropos facility running with the interpreterJohn Gerard Malecki1.8
scmdoc.tar.gzA Javadoc like tools for Bigloo codeDominique Boucher1.9c
slibSLIB, a portable scheme libraryA. Jaffer et al.--
slib.zipA compatibility file for the SlibR. Sanders, A. Jaffer, D. Love, Gary T. Leavens< 2.0
stepper-0.1c.tar.gzA source debugger/stepper for Bigloo interpreted code for Bigloo codePeter Baumgartner1.9c
ldap.tar.gzA scheme programming language interface for client LDAP library.Vladimir V. Tsychevski2.0e
iread.tgzA Bigloo REPL with readline facilities.Albert L. Ting2.0e
scmsockets.tar.gzAnother socket interfaceSven Hartrumpf2.2b
bigloo-java-example.zipAn Example of Scheme/Java connectionMaxim Grinev2.4a
bigloo-java-thread.zipAnother example of Bigloo/Java that uses Java threads.Maxim Grinev2.4a
curl-bigloo.tgzA Bigloo/Curl binding (Curl is a command line tool and libcurl is a library for transferring data specified with URL syntax)Kirill Lisovsky2.4a
SQLI/SQLDSQL interfacing package.Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema2.6

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