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A Bigloo library is a collection of Bigloo pre-compiled modules and extern object files. Once installed, Bigloo modules may be linked with a library. For that a library module clause must be used. For instance, let's suppose a Bigloo program making use of the format Command Lisp facility:

1: (module example
2:    (library format))
4: (format "~a is an example!" 'this)

The Bigloo documentation contains an entire chapter that details how to build a library. In addition check the libraries presented below.

Available libraries

LibraryDescriptionAuthorBigloo version
lib-example.tar.gzAn example of library making use of C functionsM. Serrano2.0
format.tar.gzA Bigloo implementation of the Common Lisp format facilityA. Mellan and D Lutzebaeck2.0b
biglookThe Biglook graphic toolkit libraryE. Gallesio, M. Serrano.3.0a
HtmlQuery.tar.gzA CGI toolbox Bigloo library (see README file)L. Bloch2.0e
PgBgl.tar.gzA Postgress connectionL. Bloch2.1a
SeniorReactive programming with BiglooJ. Demaria2.2b
FastCGIFactCGI interfaceJ. Donaldson3.5a
pthread-extraHigh level facilities for multi-threaddingJ. Donaldson3.5a

Available SRFI libraries

LibraryDescriptionAuthorBigloo version
srfi-1.tar.gzA Bigloo implementation of SRFI-1 List libraryO. Shivers2.1b
srfi-11A Bigloo implementation of SRFI-11 let-values and let*-valuesW. M. Farr2.8
srfi-14.tar.gzA Bigloo implementation of SRFI-14 charset libraryO. Shivers2.5b
srfi 43The vector lib (SRFI 43) implementation for BiglooW. M. Farr2.6
srfi 32The vector sorting (SRFI 32) implementation for BiglooW. M. Farr2.6
srfi 41SRFI-41 is a streams (lazy list) library for schemeJoseph Donaldson4.2
srfi 78Lightweight TestingW. M. Farr???

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