Bigloo homepage -- ChangeLog

2017-04-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Inline fix (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [27e4cb080768]

2017-03-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Autoconfiguration (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [f3d3f9d657a7]

2017-03-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        bee mode fix (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [187b9042f145]

2017-03-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Cfa type union bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [5b57fb36c03b]

2017-03-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Macos configure
        <4.3a> [8be2fb1a4a81]

2017-03-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Warning 3 (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [90bd88df413a]

        C warning again (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [89bbd3d9071f]

        C warning (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [7868b67ab2bc]

2017-03-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix libuv bugs (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [59e9fd56de66]

2017-02-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Autconfiguration (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [19044930f5ed]

2017-02-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Doc mistake (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [9c66b0388256]

2017-02-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix avahi mistake (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [c8d1f5600dfe]

        Widening cast (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [99ba5f2a2fb3]

2017-02-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Inline closure (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [c952489044e9]

2017-02-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        gtrace (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [d9402de8c2ae]

2017-02-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Symbol performance fix (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [4e7632ae95f7]

2017-01-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        bmem autoconfiguration
        <4.3a> [258f279f06cc]

2017-01-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix ssl compilation (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [fa4df34866da]

        Fix Java compatibility code (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [75a7318493b1]

        letrec star comp. speed improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [84dbba23946f]

2017-01-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Letrec star (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [133d5729f805]

        Improved letrec* (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [680d1b5df0d2]

2017-01-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix typed letrec* (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [3893c3b7e2ee]

2017-01-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix typed letrec (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [60907bf94fe6]

2017-01-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval CADR type err msg (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [ba6c4a42a53b]

2017-01-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix thread creating (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [2ac06b07ea0e]

2016-12-31  Manuel Serrano <>
        Try to workaround mpg123 v1.14 bug (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [0503af688226]

2016-12-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extended pragma (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [0da1ec0ae9cf]

2016-12-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix bglmem (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [5681f7e67f26]

        New isa implementation (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [d8dffd9d164c]

2016-12-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        ssl autoconf fix
        <4.3a> [2e2ff98581b0]

        ssl autoconf
        <4.3a> [3a2fe5ee6afd]

2016-12-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Return-goto opt with unwind-protect (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [4b414670b9c8]

2016-12-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        SSL 1.1 fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [3d609261c691]

2016-11-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        SSL 1.1 fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [87af01963062]

2016-11-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Accomodate openssl 1.1 (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [89b9d3ebed3d]

2016-11-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        SSL bug fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [a54fad3daef5]

2016-11-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix dataflow typing analysis (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [010e0d32016b]

2016-11-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Bmem fix (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [59a42824a454]

2016-11-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add missing C vector declarations (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [599aba37549f]

2016-11-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix string-index-right again (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [5b32ea59f285]

        Rollback string-index-right (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [311014817ee5]

        Improved return optimization (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [31c6781e9450]

2016-11-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix string-index-right (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [b64e98f0df6a]

2016-11-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Duplicate macro subtyping (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [56f8a3633287]

        Add vector-shrink (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [98e0288ca4fc]

2016-11-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix retblock (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [f9b165b7c61e]

2016-11-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add debian
        <4.3a> [f19b5e8f9064]

2016-11-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor multimedia fix (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [f9daad7ff363]

2016-11-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix string-for-read alloca (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [3a1f841030cb]

2016-11-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix input-string-port positioning (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [67bc71a39671]

2016-10-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        api (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [f136e921e9fd]

2016-10-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Yet again a typing cell fix (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [979005b98d7b]

        Yet another cell typing fix (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [f2bacb7c2240]

2016-10-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix json parser (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [62142c9a4b3b]

2016-10-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Rgc minor improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [7dbdc4ed7b71]

        C warnings (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [06d452028fbf]

        Fix cell typing (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [5225e9ce7f54]

2016-10-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix type occurrence counting (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [4fb97c63d17c]

2016-10-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval flonums (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [6e97de3904bc]

2016-10-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        static beta reduction in let (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [0bdfec05aade]

        Fix ast beta-reduction (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [b6e4046c57ed]

2016-10-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        New dataflow optimization for static type checking (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [96beca37d106]

        Fix weird runtime initialization problem (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [76dac0625f02]

2016-10-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove string sentinel; libuv poll (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [a5dd49f188e7]

2016-09-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix unwind-protect sans try (bootstrap)
        <4.3a> [6f10456ffbc7]

2016-08-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Non-custom GC macro fixes
        <4.2a> [1d7c06885b32]

2016-08-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        id3 fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [7e3abf35a366]

2016-08-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove ascii sentinels (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [81ab3193a206]

2016-08-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Prepare input procedure port (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [4f1fdba06613]

2016-08-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix evaluate init (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [4ebce172ddc8]

2016-08-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix cfa closure boxing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [189e8f466591]

2016-07-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Cfa return type merge fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [5f8dbf72eb25]

        Fix AST dump (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [15fe29f103b0]

2016-06-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Configure link options
        <4.2a> [103e4157f6ea]

        C link flags (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b5f039e9bc0c]

        <4.2a> [1dbad445b30e]

2016-06-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Disable ascii sentinel
        <4.2a> [8ec0217aa86b]

2016-06-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix typedef generation (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [598514eb3513]

2016-06-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Debian installation
        <4.2a> [60d79be6f468]

        Debian install
        <4.2a> [3bfb27002145]

        Debian dpkg build
        <4.2a> [0bfcd3a53c89]

        Android configure
        <4.2a> [34191d143929]

        Debian configure
        <4.2a> [3f2eb7706ea8]

        Android configure
        <4.2a> [3b21c3a5402d]

        Android configure (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [20bea16d02c3]

        Procedure-l boxing/unboxing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [cac55cd0c32c]

2016-06-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Procedure-l boxing/unboxing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [20ea9b57d187]

2016-06-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        ioctl (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [505a9896ed13]

2016-06-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        ioctl (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [cf458c84db4e]

        ipv6 first step (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b4defa437057]

        ioctl (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a64bc7304ebc]

2016-06-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix integration identifier generation and recursive inlining
        <4.2a> [47b44e8631ad]

        ioctl (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fe1359b195c9]

        ioctl support (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [01fd168acf24]

2016-05-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Gc explicit roots registration (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b5b7cb2d88de]

2016-05-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Switch to gc-7.5.0-27may2016
        <4.2a> [4ae3d1ebff36]

2016-05-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Android GC patch
        <4.2a> [dce2e18af025]

2016-05-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        GC compilation again
        <4.2a> [1109a01f67d9]

        GC compilation
        <4.2a> [9265dec17e75]

        Cross compilation (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [d9f2688d2f85]

2016-05-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix string ascii sentinels (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [7eaf95cdd5d1]

        Fix list->string ascii sentinel
        <4.2a> [bdd66b19e3ac]

        Fix srfi0 autoconfiguration (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [ba7987188149]

        Fix cross compilation
        <4.2a> [78a4bffb4455]

2016-05-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Configure (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [87035b6dd0a3]

2016-05-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        cross compilation configure
        <4.2a> [e1db6105a0d1]

        configure (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [d67c8e9a592a]

        Android configure
        <4.2a> [4edcb0cbc773]

2016-05-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix tailrec eval bug (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b0207900e4b1]

2016-04-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix return optimization (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [77aea5db3f09]

2016-04-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Socket connect patch (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b2f7ce8f2f7f]

2016-04-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix sha256 (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [52d9e25a2548]

2016-04-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Debian packaging (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [145e8e1d1d58]

2016-04-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Saw C (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a090bf69032a]

        Improve tagging (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [7b1095517045]

2016-03-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Saw spill (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [2db5df7239fe]

2016-03-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix vector init optimization (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [419e5ef09f05]

2016-03-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix sentinel pragma (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [52e73dffc544]

2016-03-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Saw (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [dbb893d153f4]

2016-03-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        String sentinels (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [037b16ac90b1]

2016-03-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        saw (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [e24c7b7082b0]

2016-03-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        pair impl. cleanup (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [43b34c76d20e]

2016-03-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Saw (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [839297731a0d]

2016-03-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        saw (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [17106301c1b2]

        Saw (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [ede94120aeae]

2016-03-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Saw (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [378ebcc1cfda]

        New tagging scheme (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [89d7b86aec3a]

2016-03-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Saw nursery (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [17e032fbf337]

        Add saw_sp (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [300b8335b8b8]

        Fix http function (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [f71448250d8f]

2016-03-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        ftype field added to vlength (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [0191e93c6d6c]

2016-02-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Static string/sentinel (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [ca44143b6c8c]

2016-02-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Inline minor change (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [7218299ed391]

2016-02-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Unregister srfi, srfi4 init bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b41c3f6219a7]

        New closure integration algorithm (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [f69255ce5fa7]

2016-02-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Compiler -y option, pulseaudio
        <4.2a> [a44aa662e48c]

2016-01-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix pcre regexp cleanup (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [48f99cb815ca]

2016-01-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix random 0 (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [7e635f13dcc3]

2016-01-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix letrec* optimization (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [bf0c9a2c523a]

2015-12-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        New return node (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [80b1afff4903]

2015-12-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 4.3a for changeset 0dda16b60d82
        <4.2a> [07c9db68cc0c]

        4.3a begin (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [0dda16b60d82]

2015-12-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Date minor fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [03993691451f]

2015-12-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        libuv fix
        <4.2a> [6c03d9f8ff60]

2015-12-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor Java fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [6fe2d9ef69dc]

2015-12-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove useless bind-exit (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [1f75d49bad3f]

2015-11-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Enable define-inline inside function body (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [ed2e6fdfb900]

2015-11-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor api/web speed improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [6e4ab095834f]

2015-11-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        No-gmp configuration
        <4.2a> [b5bc27e31868]

        Fix C current-date (2)
        <4.2a> [6f54e4713bee]

        Fix C current-date
        <4.2a> [c52c59330272]

2015-11-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix openssl autoconfiguration
        <4.2a> [f96f3448a83b]

2015-11-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        SSL configuration (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [38f345efd021]

2015-11-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        SSL fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fdca1bec4438]

2015-11-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Ronly class fields (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [97d15ee35aa6]

2015-11-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 4.2c for changeset 2b69f9d96f02
        <4.2a> [6c00b5d92e07]

        Fix json parsing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [2b69f9d96f02]

2015-10-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        tlsv1_2 (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a8a8ed770a3d]

2015-10-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Test static link
        <4.2a> [22e32e4f9ab2]

        Makefile config
        <4.2a> [123e3f566644]

2015-10-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Makefile and module resolution (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [8bf0daf1c3e0]

        Makefiles for OSX (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [6915b9e94eab]

2015-10-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Makefile LD_LIBRARY_PATH (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fe02b25431c0]

2015-10-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor SSL fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [bb4e5baf039c]

2015-10-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        inexact->exact (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [045278bf30f8]

2015-10-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        exact->inexact improvement (2) (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [ae095ca0dfe0]

        exact->inexact improvement
        <4.2a> [294498a89f9d]

        gmp installation
        <4.2a> [34e610a09109]

        Gmp installation
        <4.2a> [d35262a7766b]

2015-10-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Attempt to fix gmp problem
        <4.2a> [1ddbcbe9ce2a]

2015-10-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Rgc error signaling (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [6285ecfed083]

2015-09-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 4.2b for changeset 1527479107f3
        <4.2a> [51b6d603efa6]

        4.2b branch (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [1527479107f3]

2015-09-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Generic typing bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [717fb7cb4a5d]

2015-09-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix http parsing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [19acff6bf254]

2015-09-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor JVM configuration fix
        <4.2a> [38560379a1cc]

2015-09-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Warning elimination (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [66e929278d57]

2015-09-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Configure fixes
        <4.2a> [351130ffe494]

        SSL predicate (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [100595992f1a]

2015-09-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Warning fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [969a215c01af]

        Minor dload bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [9cd534d72798]

2015-08-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        dynamic-load change (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [937d5dffbc10]

2015-07-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Serialization (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [45dede13eb34]

2015-07-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Unserialization (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [74b774ceb4ae]

2015-07-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        New serialization options (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [5e002489f194]

2015-07-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Socket dup (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [09610fd88520]

2015-07-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        resolv autoconf
        <4.2a> [45bae39ebc81]

2015-06-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        ssl (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [e5369155bc4b]

2015-06-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        ssl (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [000894943dc8]

2015-06-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        iso8601 date parsing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [5854eac2c16c]

2015-06-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Libuv fixes
        <4.2a> [4c31e0bba093]

2015-06-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        http (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [94f561e7e083]

2015-05-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        GMP autoconfiguration (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fb5288670aa6]

2015-05-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        ssl (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [bc77b999b5de]

2015-05-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Class serialization fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [715e7d5732ff]

2015-05-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        openssl autoconf
        <4.2a> [5b83b7022a37]

        Class serialization fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [508196f52504]

        libuv (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [1a98d39dca2f]

2015-04-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Socket fixes and circular IOs (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [80a828d3ad94]

2015-04-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [057bf5597e0d]

2015-04-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        multipart cgi parsing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [bee5c81c5ea2]

        multipart cgi parsing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [5a0ffdda424f]

2015-04-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        alsa improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [6dbd767d74f5]

2015-04-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor flac bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [ae7336c49e9d]

2015-03-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        flac bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [e09296ac8ec9]

        Emacs bug fixes
        <4.2a> [22476d505a7a]

        Cyclic read, again (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [759cf5080b3e]

        Cyclic read (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [dfd9c0c697f9]

2015-03-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Music fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [27a8ac5adc59]

2015-03-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Circular write (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [2a1f721ad2d0]

        Fix circular reading (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [f04aa00a0c84]

2015-03-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa/flac improvements (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [6695083ce23f]

2015-03-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa and Flac fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [c73bcee091a1]

2015-03-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Openssl fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [388212134c1c]

2015-03-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Ssl extensions
        <4.2a> [3c320eea66f0]

        Libuv fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [45aaf9dc62eb]

2015-02-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        gcc-5.0.0 accomodation (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [f9ea7b29c5ce]

        libuv extensions (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [448e9f46ffe2]

        new libuv facilities
        <4.2a> [b95d13e6804f]

2015-02-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        libuv (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b5d991739671]

2015-02-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor api extensions (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [bba8846380a9]

2015-01-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        shutdown changes (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fe1a108c8fac]

2015-01-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        New socket-shutdown api (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [8d2bb1531a8c]

        intext improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fee84fc1779e]

2015-01-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        http POST improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [c88452953618]

2015-01-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Boehm GC 7.4.2 (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [da8b78ffea1e]

        Boehm GC 7.4.2 (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [069b5641a11f]

2015-01-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Enlarge thread stack size on MacOSX (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [23c7ab6c26c8]

        CGI speed improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [450fcf5b062f]

2015-01-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Significant CGI parsing improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [03a22d7acd53]

2015-01-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        libuv enhancements and new features (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a5de44205985]

2014-12-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Unicode fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [03f377fdeb96]

2014-12-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Intext changes (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b94ef9f74223]

        Intext changes (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fc5514991c1f]

2014-11-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Serialization fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [e61ef72d8c9d]

2014-11-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix C sockets (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fffcf34e2463]

        Unicode improvements (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [1beca253cb88]

2014-11-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        socket fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [afa61f2eda25]

        utf8-codepoint-length (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [4d9344c58abf]

2014-11-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Yet another eval progress (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [02d1d8835d11]

2014-11-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Evaluate2 unwind-protect removed (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [7871311484bf]

2014-11-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Mail API fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fbc776386ba1]

2014-11-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        New string tagging policy for UTF8 (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [6fada902f9d9]

2014-11-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Intext fix, debian fix
        <4.2a> [df1d570c9abe]

2014-10-31  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix socket error handling (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [75f827c421cb]

2014-10-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        rpath improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [05ad1c926ae7]

2014-10-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Libuv progress (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [0124d6f634e5]

2014-10-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        New libuv features (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [27ae24f3a5cb]

2014-10-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Buffer fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b73d63b5067d]

2014-10-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Configure fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [e7275d23db65]

2014-10-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        RFC2822 dates (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a0a50b594b62]

2014-10-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix vector-copy (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [2e8011a551d0]

2014-10-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Now what, date fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [df47aa11fdbc]

        Minor date fix (again) (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [05d36116a59c]

2014-10-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor JVM bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [8d23920180d4]

        Minor JVM bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [2b0010e2f7da]

2014-10-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Heap size check (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [267269c7784a]

2014-10-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        libuv fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [3cc7cb6832ca]

        Date, again (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [0d1707d726fa]

2014-09-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        VECTOR-FILL extension (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [eef38c1bee5d]

2014-09-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix symbol writing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [e3240981200f]

2014-09-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Base64 and Unicode enhancements (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [31bac13b059c]

2014-09-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        bglmem fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [84468bc039d4]

        Nano seconds support (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [02742311fa1b]

        New debug traces (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [7c1cba949844]

2014-09-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        With-trace enhancement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [e38ea2ba1255]

        With-trace enhancement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [9dfdc1e08b5c]

        With-trace enhancement (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [71e1a797de91]

2014-09-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Complete RGC migration (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b62bce9afe95]

2014-09-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix input-string-port seek (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [cdeffc5884b2]

2014-09-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Rgc transition completed (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [3401950796f7]

        Rgc transition (again) (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [35fefb3cb302]

2014-09-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Rgc transition (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b19bc63d8759]

2014-09-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Rgc transition (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a91588900d2d]

        Rgc transition (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [09bb36022cb4]

2014-09-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        input-string-port extensions (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [aa28d06c4567]

        open-input-string extensions (documented) (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a9b14212cfc4]

2014-09-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Libuv fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a31385996c5f]

        Fix MacOS shared libs linking
        <4.2a> [a42810fd9cd1]

2014-09-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Macos X link
        <4.2a> [dcd1c6c49111]

        Fix socket hostaddr (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [7986495f5a33]

2014-08-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extend getenv API (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [3e731a60fa81]

2014-08-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        New SSL features (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [89233695fa55]

2014-08-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        http header parsing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [38fae916ef80]

        downcase/upcase-subsymbol (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [31a6d81a1e51]

2014-08-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        libuv additions (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [31d21969b2c8]

2014-08-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Libuv (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [767408b30f65]

2014-08-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Libuv additions
        <4.2a> [734b0f26dc36]

        Libuv additions
        <4.2a> [32e0b18a3d7e]

2014-07-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix clang -L option
        <4.2a> [1f978558bcd4]

        cc-options and ld-post-options types (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b0230041ef34]

        Revamp shared library building (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [bd0ffb1a3b07]

2014-07-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Libuv fs (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [72943cb2fcd8]

2014-07-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        libuv features (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [17afd94ee2d7]

        New UV features (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [e8a4d485c843]

2014-07-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Libuv enhancement
        <4.2a> [de50e3b3f91e]

        Fix shared link path
        <4.2a> [b136ba9f95f6]

        libuv fix
        <4.2a> [96812de6fd0f]

        libuv installation
        <4.2a> [97941d14623a]

2014-07-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        libuv link path (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [aaa48baf292a]

        Fix mp3 length computing (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [1e1996ead86b]

        Java backward compatibility fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [3c22240daca0]

2014-07-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Custom LIBUV (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a5eb0b76ca49]

2014-07-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix date (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [12cab2d9e2e3]

2014-07-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Yet another time bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [cb90e9e4a792]

2014-07-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve error notifications (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [98f15ab22d3b]

2014-07-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix letrec* optimization (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [819af2aee7ff]

2014-06-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extend untar API (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [44f0f870db60]

2014-06-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        SRFI4 f32/u8 and f64/u8 (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [f5199c520be7]

2014-06-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        SRFI4 vector copy (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [8d46d8ec208d]

2014-06-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        SRFI4 revamping (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [cd3d09909aea]

2014-06-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Complete stdint JVM literals support (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [cf5c09a36253]

2014-06-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extend number polymorphism to stdint (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [8212a8a6695a]

2014-06-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix CSS parser (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [d14280628349]

2014-05-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        file truncate (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [b69ad82c2d82]

2014-05-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Store cc-opt in additional heaps (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [342c087c2d95]

        Adding libuv
        <4.2a> [8e8d8dde285e]

2014-05-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Libuv binding (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [edf1061234ba]

2014-04-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        New deserializer option (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [9c55f297e48c]

2014-04-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve timezone with gmtoff (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [fc9c55e1971b]

2014-04-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix dst handling (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [1cd4936b56cc]

2014-04-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix bint srfi feature (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [5dc40bdb252c]

2014-03-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        stdint bit ops (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a6b94f2847fa]

2014-03-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Literal stdint (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [2087f19b42e5]

        Read stdint (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [a92f73f2901d]

2014-03-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        stdint (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [2dc9ac615809]

2014-03-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Stdint for the JVM (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [3f38ebae2ef8]

2014-03-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add elongXXX srfi property (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [4f5e5d3e3233]

        32bit stdint + sint/int (bootstrap)
        <4.2a> [2f3fd66e2fed]

        Starting renaming sint into int
        <4.2a> [50856e487a84]

2014-03-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 4.2a for changeset fb869ad7a067
        <4.2a> [a2d77b3336e4]

        Create branch 4.2a
        <4.2a> [ea6a66775695]

        Prepare stdint (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [384fed31b554]

2014-02-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add rpath option (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [43ccbbe4ff44]

2014-02-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        rpath also used to build libs
        <4.1a> [7aad6b441f87]

2014-02-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Use gcc rpath option when available (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [266fb6557a2e]

2014-02-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Unicode fix (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [511d63c060bb]

        4.1a final (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [a71fc60cd7b1]

        Date MinGW patch (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [f34d0f3c5a80]

2014-02-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Start incorporating MinGW patches (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [aaba699a2624]

2014-02-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Data flow fix, letrecstart improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [d1316a3e39a3]

2014-02-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix GC configuration (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [91b1737f8281]

2014-02-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix inner define new compilation (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [820ed8d1206f]

2014-02-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        extend utf8->ucs2 conversion (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [ea5cf7e87861]

2014-02-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix pcre configuration
        <4.1a> [d5fac0b4775c]

        Improve static type check resolution (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [9f98f031fbd0]

2014-02-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Patch csv library (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [6934597ab8c9]

2014-02-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix minor error on symbols (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [afc9307a7ad6]

2014-01-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix pregexp without pcre (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [69d3018fd36b]

        Fix pregexp without pcre (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [88e2c1b16a5e]

2014-01-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix generic+opt/key compilation (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [f7491dc3cbdb]

2014-01-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        4.1a goes beta (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [27da99aea366]

2014-01-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        New kaptures implementation (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [560b12f214be]

2014-01-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix non-i18n implementation (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [d0986a57f862]

2014-01-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix minor exceptions problem (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [de824a7e374c]

2014-01-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix exceptions (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [517d3b2f2e01]

2014-01-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        JSON parsing in Web lib (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [f7b03333b987]

2014-01-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        New pcre facilities (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [bad328604c87]

2013-12-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        i18n extensions (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [b049c74589d7]

2013-12-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        New letrec* compilation scheme (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [ef5fa489c5db]

2013-12-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Cleanup compiler dead-code (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [aff4326dcc22]

2013-12-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove gcc warnings (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [d7c928370916]

        Prepare Android dynlib support (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [077ba26312ff]

2013-12-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Change GC init for accomodating android dynloading (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [33bde20d6886]

2013-12-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove useless ALSA debugging (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [a7d1a2a59401]

2013-12-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Switch to gc-7.4.0 (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [beb05728ef2b]

2013-12-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix srfi1 Makefile
        <4.1a> [1f23cf41720b]

2013-12-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix srf1 compilation (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [c10e23f6903b]

        Dsssl generic completion (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [77e552409dc8]

2013-12-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Dsssl in generics (eval) (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [f3232518732a]

        Dsssl in generic (compiler) (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [94d3c747b9f4]

2013-11-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Disable bglpkg by default
        <4.1a> [b9bf9cd7cd2d]

2013-11-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add closed-output-port (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [8891000976a9]

2013-11-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        New configure option for pcre (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [43349ccad715]

2013-11-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix box types (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [5e13a19340d4]

        Prepare box type inconsistency fix (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [71f8812d1206]

2013-11-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Disable narrow optim by default
        <4.1a> [b880d791a58a]

        Add clang autoconfiguration
        <4.1a> [a5784abc3f0a]

        Fix flac configuration
        <4.1a> [1b0a368cb51a]

2013-11-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Flycheck patch (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [dc0b6a273571]

        Enable the narrow optimization from -O2 (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [abea79dfd78a]

        Fix letrec* and quote (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [4a775b12bfe2]

2013-11-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Narrow optimization (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [7d8fa4afd6c9]

2013-11-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Phidget autoconfiguration fix
        <4.1a> [730d17404669]

        Beginning of the narrow optimization (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [4f10bebc746b]

2013-11-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix DSSSL error messages (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [56abbb45277d]

        instantiate error localization improvments (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [7e34c4c95e91]

2013-11-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval include directives (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [8b45eaa45455]

2013-11-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Introduction of the new walkers (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [24fd70a93c0b]

        dtoa initialization (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [5c74532ca93f]

        Aes constants initialization (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [3dc1f104447c]

        MacOSX phidgets support
        <4.1a> [d213b3f88253]

2013-11-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Complete the letrec* optim (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [329292f192eb]

2013-11-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix packrat init
        <4.1a> [2c4b7b5b873d]

2013-10-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve letrec* handling (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [9e1a11d467b9]

2013-10-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix signed zero display (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [a41c472bba9d]

2013-10-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Symbol write (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [948a595e21ca]

2013-10-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Bignum extra conversions (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [7a4117fb7de8]

2013-10-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Pre-alloc belong values (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [dda1cf602268]

        Fix cfa bug (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [dfaf45a8dd1f]

2013-10-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Rollback NaN equality (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [cce1e4ad3ae0]

2013-10-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Dont pre-alloc NAN for NAN != NAN (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [22f3a0bfafb5]

2013-10-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Uri encoding/decoding improvements (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [31065e27c150]

2013-10-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        URL decoding and UTF8 fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [4c2f2fc10376]

2013-10-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Unicode support improvements (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [72a874f81da8]

2013-09-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add randomfl (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [daf1c1153274]

2013-09-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix typed lambda expansion (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [3962db500241]

2013-09-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor cc driver change (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [a853be2a79ee]

2013-09-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor FLAC api bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [ebeea117b923]

        Minor Makefile fixing (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [432f4ff0ec3b]

2013-09-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix android configure
        <4.1a> [6bae1c941e19]

2013-09-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix missing method error detection (bootstrap)
        <4.1a> [3af445331d4f]

2013-09-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Branch 4.1a
        <4.1a> [737eb46c1d2e]

2013-09-05  Ludovic Courtès <>
        phidget: `motor-control' example gracefully handles lack of
        <4.1> [9222af829e5a]

        phidget: Gracefully handle exceptions in the `encoder-count' getter.
        <4.1> [f3768ad10d2f]

        phidget: Fix typos in CPhidgetEncoder bindings.
        <4.1> [7178ad092dcb]

2013-09-03  Ludovic Courtès <>
        phidget: Add bindings for CPhidgetEncoder.
        <4.1> [3c92f86e5caa]

2013-09-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix array bound error reports (bootstrap)
        <4.1.a> [72d67ee102de]

2013-09-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Eval type checking (bootstrap)
        <4.1.a> [494015e08f9f]

2013-08-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve hashtable expansion (bootstrap)
        <4.1.a> [ab177f806e7d]

2013-08-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor eval stack trace improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.1.a> [293baa0df47a]

2013-08-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Eval, tail-rec expansion of multiple-value-bind
        <4.1> [2641868913cd]

        4.1 branch
        <4.1> [8c649fc75373]

        Added tag 4.1a for changeset a3bc655d922b
        <4.0b> [39528e9809f7]

        4.1 branch (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [a3bc655d922b]

2013-08-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        backward compatibility fix (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [716879c68e49]

2013-07-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix output-port-position (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [bf0bf2b278bb]

        Fix output-port-position (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [612c43c53793]

2013-07-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix btags (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [9261cbd89f9d]

2013-07-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Bee fixes
        <4.0b> [d2001354b029]

        Remove XML-ATTRIBUTE-ENCODE (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [366b2a569263]

2013-07-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve eval error tracing (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [4ea0ec274cbc]

        Fix eval library init loading (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [836e93a10816]

2013-07-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix main generation (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [5d1a58b66be0]

2013-07-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Makefile cleanup
        <4.0b> [a94a45f4a302]

2013-07-18  Ludovic Courtès <>
        Automated merge with ssh://hop/bigloo
        <4.0b> [69a89ceb59d2]

        phidget: Add bindings for CPhidgetMotorControl.
        <4.0b> [31dc254c40c3]

        Fix unwind-protect nesting (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [bf895dfc316a]

2013-07-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix heap dump (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [662f56ddabe7]

        Fix interpreted include directives (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [746ebb2973a6]

        md5sum the hidden C temp file names (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [f90715eb9a06]

2013-07-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix parallel compilation
        <4.0b> [b5bdd37f15c0]

2013-07-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add setgid/getgid (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [77e5543ce99e]

        Add setgid/getgid (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [d726a73aa88e]

2013-06-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Timeout Bug fix (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [42464b0f5310]

        Bug fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [e1f144feebd0]

2013-06-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Substring improvement (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [66759183ad87]

        MacOSX 10.5 execl workaround
        <4.0b> [5430c055b848]

        Redesign module resolvers (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [23f83e8ad85b]

2013-05-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Various bug fixes and other corrections (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [a5fe66cec809]

2013-05-23  Ludovic Courtès <>
        srfi1: Make second argument of `delete-duplicates!' optional
        <4.0b> [b5fa49725651]

2013-05-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix copyfile mutexes (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [5da437a5ef45]

2013-04-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix string->bstring pragma declaration (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [713967f61cb7]

2013-04-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Upnp improvements (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [b022b8413da0]

2013-04-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        UPNP library (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [85183e784b06]

2013-04-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Upnp Web dependency fix.
        <4.0b> [4bdc2b352496]

2013-04-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve extern export handling (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [958c2af57d7e]

        Fix module include parsing (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [bb98264e99bc]

        UPNP debut
        <4.0b> [c8839f3c7b72]

2013-04-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve API Makefiles to support safe libs (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [e03c00a8015a]

2013-04-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix datagram-socket input port (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [8c547830422f]

2013-04-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Datagram socket input (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [bcac50759c58]

        Datagram socket input (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [31a1008ee886]

        Configure parallel_mark for the GC (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [18eb62c8ebd7]

2013-04-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Saw backport (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [d8b714c6f9de]

        Datagram timeout (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [051d8d9ed0d2]

        Fix read timeout errors (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [c388d061495e]

2013-03-28  Ludovic Courtès <>
        <4.0b> [b7504ff86db7]

        Raise ?&io-timeout-error? upon read timeouts.
        <4.0b> [e522a26d2c0a]

2013-03-25  Ludovic Courtès <>
        Fix typo in rule `bigboot' or `runtime/Makefile'.
        <4.0b> [82b736718d20]

2013-04-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Simplify pthread env (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [3d5790414a74]

2013-04-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Android fix (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [3b2358133e75]

2013-03-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        GC alpha3 20130330 (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [d3c9456825d0]

2013-03-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Android thread stack size
        <4.0b> [37e0d45f16da]

2013-03-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Various bug fixes and Flac debugging (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [53f8d012e17d]

2013-03-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Switch back to GC 7.2d (for raspbian) (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [db6814657435]

2013-02-27  Ludovic Courtès <>
        More /bin/rm removal.
        <4.0b> [7f09b3fd847c]

2013-03-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Debian wav Bigloo lib
        <4.0b> [035563a1384d]

2013-03-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Cross compilation fixes (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [2241c1cce5dc]

2013-02-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix wav dependencies (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [19fa87851694]

        Java udp send (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [c88928c8ecd3]

2013-02-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix bigboot entry
        <4.0b> [e28dd8efad50]

2013-02-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Sqlite documentation
        <4.0b> [b0a60004de77]

        Remove uses of absolute file names in build scripts and makefiles.

2013-02-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Wav library
        <4.0b> [d750c4f279eb]

2013-02-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        UDP extensions (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [705b1069bf8d]

2013-02-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor DSSL error messages modification (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [8b682e4b2963]

2013-02-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Re-implement DSSSL arguments parsing (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [cf1748ce3996]

2013-02-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix setuid on Linux (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [a1d4d8c27265]

2013-02-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve get-interface portability
        <4.0b> [5c497d49b3d2]

2013-01-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Maemo fix
        <4.0b> [8af625dd1871]

2013-01-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        New unwind-protect implementation (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [db6d2a5c5efa]

        Push protected blocks (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [22a3bc505101]

2013-01-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 4.0b for changeset 07b361392eb3
        <4.0b> [09e6f7facfdf]

        4.0b (bootstrap)
        <4.0b> [07b361392eb3]

        gc 7.3alpha2 (bootstrap)
        <4.0a> [2cf6d15d0ffe]

2013-01-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor change for pop-mutex (bootstrap)
        <4.0a> [0551789622b7]

2013-01-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 4.0a for changeset 8b8146351711
        <4.0a> [cb183f18064f]

2013-01-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Branch 4.0a
        <4.0a> [9a04c29ad72f]

2013-01-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix OS-CHARSET (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [4349fc151119]

2013-01-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix -saw mode (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [c662e66b1523]

2013-01-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Mutex backend (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [8246fdd10bc5]

        Fix utf8->8bits conversion (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [cce1ed51d4c1]

2013-01-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix DNS caching, improve utf8->8bits conv (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [c671c4b06f0f]

        Accomodate mutex backend info (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [adfd4b67dd52]

        Accomodate mutex backend info (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [c6ce561ad283]

2013-01-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix C class prototyping (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [098fb41d2278]

2012-12-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix string-{index/skip}-right (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [9d0befbc9870]

2012-12-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix IO locks (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [533b882323ed]

2012-12-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix Bigloo ident syntax and with-access (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [ffc42417cb0b]

2012-12-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Synchronize profiling (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [7ae6955d3829]

        Synchronize JVM fix (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [f06bf9d3a11d]

2012-12-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix effect analysis (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [85c7570364bc]

        Debian fix
        <3.9b> [4ce94004593c]

2012-12-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor IO improvements (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [13b67bf2ec6b]

2012-12-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix trace output (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [89fe13c369c1]

2012-12-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Accomodate non-posix compliant timed wait (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [6ad62eb5a9e1]

        Revamping C IO for getting rid of casts (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [59ab1562a503]

2012-12-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Recursive mutex autoconfiguration
        <3.9b> [9a306318c953]

        Fix (again) spinlock autoconfiguration
        <3.9b> [82f9880d7161]

        Fix spinlock autoconfiguration
        <3.9b> [ce8a2421e40e]

        Improved (speed) mutexes (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [287c71cdb01d]

2012-12-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        SRFI-18 separated from PTHREAD
        <3.9b> [53e895e70cd2]

2012-12-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        New mutexes implementation (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [09a25ece3e79]

2012-12-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Lock improvements (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [63c977ebbcd3]

2012-12-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Output locking (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [39b4e838c206]

2012-12-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix C socket name lookup (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [6b249a6eb200]

2012-11-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Support mutexes prelocking (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [67447a2bbef5]

2012-11-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add pre lock in mutexes (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [6b8db28e6d41]

        Fix socket error message (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [9d4c3d392425]

2012-11-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix bexit wrong mutexes unlock (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [d4f612f9eb11]

        Remove useless output port specific mutex (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [c8d00f37ab1b]

        Multithreaded output ports (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [3d4ecaa3063e]

2012-11-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Complete import aliasing (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [ce07a77f5fbd]

2012-11-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Mutex improvements (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [6bdc569465fb]

        New mutex-lock genericity (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [ebaa6f244a9a]

        Add sync.prelock field (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [07d25873220c]

        Timed condvar fix (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [e78408382df5]

2012-11-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix examples/Lib
        <3.9b> [2c43e3ddfd95]

2012-11-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Support module aliasing (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [16dbd29bd066]

2012-11-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Introduce module import aliasing in Eval (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [b6e7d758a53d]

        Add eval module import aliases (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [ac761383f8ab]

2012-11-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix a stupid error in the fail stage (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [57ce56fa7ff0]

        Improve failsafe optimization (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [2a3f828fd228]

2012-11-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Enable failsafe optimization (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [13a53a6b3d40]

        Replace api's WITH-LOCK (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [a574df549139]

        Replace runtime's WITH-LOCK (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [660d77ad4070]

        Start using synchronize (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [460edc95eeb6]

        Sync failsafe optimization (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [94d63c3a437c]

        New optimizations (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [77aff2fff8d6]

        Compile SYNC nodes (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [deb6c98a7bcd]

        Compile SYNC nodes (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [6e550827a027]

2012-11-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add sync node in the compiler ast (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [5b43d5999f52]

2012-11-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Start introducing the sync node (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [ee246d078dad]

        Bootstrap synchronize (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [67e6439ffc80]

2012-11-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Generalize with-lock-uw (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [d8f8cef740c6]

2012-11-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Keep replacing mutex-(un)lock (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [850696c1b028]

        Introduce with-lock-uw (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [ef7170699d1e]

2012-11-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        append file API extensions (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [3e91f4baf9e9]

2012-11-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve eval error messages (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [48023e4f5137]

2012-11-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve socket error messages (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [8d35ce117023]

2012-11-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix bignum conditional compilation (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [d15ec6bde8d5]

        Restore file->input-port converter (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [3fca9d4e3eb0]

2012-11-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix alsa player (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [401fa3079af1]

2012-10-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        New OO impl. for faster isa (bootstrap)
        <3.9b> [e78f78740984]

        Create 3.9b
        <3.9b> [192f4ad46aa9]

        Added tag 3.9b for changeset 7b5a359e3a01
        <3.9a> [cd958c7ed9a5]

        3.9b (bootstrap)
        <3.9a> [7b5a359e3a01]

2012-10-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix bglmemrun (bootstrap)
        <3.9a> [0c480ef8ade8]

2012-10-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix every? (bootstrap)
        <3.9a> [b682c97ee63d]

        Fix flac conditional compilation (bootstrap)
        <3.9a> [0e0bacbc2cc9]

2012-10-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Terminal 3.9a (bootstrap)
        <3.9a> [a196962d4b0e]

2012-10-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 3.9a for changeset de906056f793
        <3.9a> [2c5dd2d9af94]

        3.9a branch (bootstrap)
        <3.9a> [de906056f793]

2012-10-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix alsa error handling (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [3c380b628930]

        Fix pipe output ports (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [c28cc36a3348]

        Fix eval virtual slots (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [5f4611a0d832]

        Remove class name collisions in comptime (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [ba27f47a4e89]

2012-10-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove every? and any? (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [a884aa79b984]

2012-10-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Generate automatically a new ChangeLog after each bootstrap.
        <3.8d> [0eff45d2a927]

        Add minor AST-based optimization (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [d6f4f9470b23]

2012-10-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix closure uboxing (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [b1b7f880ad07]

2012-10-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix closure uboxing (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [34ab5830da40]

2012-10-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Phidget, general improvement and stepper support
        <3.8d> [f74b97c3f082]

2012-09-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Complete output port timeout (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [6a5da89fdbcc]

2012-09-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix output-port timeout (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [e658fa12c4a0]

2012-09-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Archlinux package fixe
        <3.8d> [55ac7407a962]

2012-09-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix class prototype generation error (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [d457cebca344]

        Handle Linux socket abstract name space
        <3.8d> [29e3e8c904a1]

2012-09-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix evaluate error (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [d59f40ddcc52]

2012-09-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Important: make isa? thread-safe
        <3.8d> [08a8e07d0cb7]

2012-09-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Optimize with-lock (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [6dc406cb4f76]

2012-09-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Flac decoder (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [125ac9a8b2c0]

        Alsa/flac bufferization improvements (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [03eefef510b5]

        Alsa/flac bufferization improvements (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [970f793701f3]

2012-09-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix timed read (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [60a3cc6809d9]

2012-08-31  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix timeout open-input-file (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [9241841340b9]

2012-08-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        temporary IO debugging (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [6a60aa9df849]

2012-08-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix avahi timeout
        <3.8d> [1f681de500cf]

        Minor alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [087f6e3f281e]

2012-08-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix srfi-4, fix mpg123 (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [8d115f6d6670]

        Gstreamer autoconf fix
        <3.8d> [0364fe090f60]

2012-08-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Enable closure unboxing by default (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [ec2886a6e9e5]

        Unboxed closure arguments (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [33a39ed0f9df]

2012-08-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Closure argument unboxing (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [2bcfc97ef451]

2012-08-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Prepare closure unboxed arguments (3) (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [b1b4f0064139]

        Prepare closure unboxed arguments (2) (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [12ce72255757]

        Prepare closure unboxed arguments (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [43f19cf96f7c]

        Fix sha2 initialization (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [2258ec6ed072]

2012-08-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [b972f211b5ba]

2012-08-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Input-port seek (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [aaa1d4977b28]

2012-08-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Switch to gc-7.2d (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [817d858c2711]

2012-08-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor comptime optimization (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [a949ed2fda2d]

        Fix DSSSL rest arguments parsing (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [45186bc14816]

2012-07-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Prepare new input-port seek (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [6ac53a337a91]

2012-07-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix datagram socket (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [62779ffb0530]

2012-07-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Avahi fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [a4f56e201f18]

2012-06-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval class virtual slots (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [fbd8e2ca90fb]

2012-06-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add datagram socket options (bootstrap)
        <3.8d> [6ce98c620ad9]

2012-06-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 3.8d for changeset 174a4983185f
        <3.8d> [189c2a974352]

        Start 3.8d
        <3.8d> [174a4983185f]

2012-06-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix phidget debian dependency
        <3.8c> [5bd77895b60c]

2012-05-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Debian fix
        <3.8c> [25282d6f505a]

        Debian fix
        <3.8c> [325f2db93449]

        Configure logging
        <3.8c> [9c351ff4865f]

        Avahi auto-configuration
        <3.8c> [e0df0689f91e]

2012-05-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa autoconf fix
        <3.8c> [1a206a166c68]

        Yet another Debian fix
        <3.8c> [1098b7985c89]

        Debian fix
        <3.8c> [57326521bcc3]

        Debian fix.
        <3.8c> [d73e1e60d76e]

        Phidget fix
        <3.8c> [bacf50ab9424]

        Debian fix
        <3.8c> [5f8a1bfdf679]

        Debian fix
        <3.8c> [8b73bb4c17c6]

        Debian fix
        <3.8c> [ea4d41b280b3]

        Debian fix
        <3.8c> [18f81d7d29a6]

        Debian package for sqlite binding
        <3.8c> [ce22af0bdf1f]

        Debian package fix
        <3.8c> [c7c6374ec09e]

2012-05-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Debian package fix
        <3.8c> [d33a5e41177b]

        Accomodate debian package policy (bootstrap)
        <3.8c> [9d75f47cc31a]

2012-05-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix configure script
        <3.8c> [4b306d3df650]

2012-05-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        mpg123 debug
        <3.8c> [4a148e29a40e]

        Inline class-nil constructor (bootstrap)
        <3.8c> [28fe20b17ada]

2012-05-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve mp3 and flac volume management
        <3.8c> [9b85faf6b78d]

        Improve library dependency managment (bootstrap)
        <3.8c> [d377f27fdec0]

2012-05-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Enforce DSSSL eval type ckecking with -safee (bootstrap)
        <3.8c> [28b5ef6fdde1]

        Cleanup nil instance allocation (bootstrap)
        <3.8c> [d5d8e45fa1e5]

        Remove old code in class-nil (bootstrap)
        <3.8c> [ede0304bffaf]

2012-05-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor installation fix
        <3.8c> [f4a7e653d7a8]

        Fix minor alsa error (bootstrap)
        <3.8c> [d7cd2e488f23]

        Mark 3.8c branch (that should have been done earlier).
        <3.8c> [4d317598c566]

2012-05-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix CFA specialization that an error broke (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [a234031ba520]

        Added tag 3.8c for changeset 903d855a69ab
        <3.8a> [142b3a37bac0]

        Create 3.8c (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [903d855a69ab]

2012-05-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix java implementation of condvars (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [2e7de7280a19]

2012-04-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Restrict fixnum basic operators spec (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [260802e9db17]

2012-04-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix C inputs (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [b151193dfd3a]

2012-04-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Try to fix srfi27 (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [0e891f69c6ae]

2012-04-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 3.8b for changeset e7b5e8a772cd
        <3.8a> [c073c56f7e58]

        3.8b (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [e7b5e8a772cd]

2012-04-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Re-implementation of the C IO input buffers (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [350d7b85030d]

2012-04-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Support pthread timed join, when possible (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [a062e3a47c95]

        Inline read-fill-string (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [7946ca5bc6a8]

2012-04-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa bufferisation (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [3db82d90bd79]

2012-04-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add companion packages
        <3.8a> [3aa1ea7f17dc]

2012-04-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Maemo autconfiguration fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [4ec1169a4786]

2012-04-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Full re-implementation of alsa bufferization (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [d49ae9682822]

2012-04-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        id3 parsing fix
        <3.8a> [e56297b91372]

2012-04-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix alsa timeout (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [861fbd6263b7]

        Extend phidget support (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [da9837e62ce5]

2012-04-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix phidget lib
        <3.8a> [24f1520e7dc2]

        Fix MacOS library dependency
        <3.8a> [dc69abba69a6]

2012-04-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Phidget: add servo support.
        <3.8a> [7367bc02ad78]

2012-03-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        ID3 parsing fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [92ab51b18b63]

        ID3 improvments (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [834293f391e8]

2012-03-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix phidget autoconfiguration
        <3.8a> [d128e3923205]

        MacOS X JVM installation fix.
        <3.8a> [25113b392631]

        Phidget config fix.
        <3.8a> [fde8f4171c2d]

        Socket timeout (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [62b720f46442]

2012-03-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Phidget fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [e2613a2d05c6]

2012-03-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Include the phidget library
        <3.8a> [0eff17d376bf]

2012-03-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix GC pthread_atfork Linux bug (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [308991b92cc0]

        JVM SSL support fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [a075b0b436ce]

2012-03-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve MPD support (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [bc9a8277dd50]

2012-03-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Gstreamer fix for MacOS X.
        <3.8a> [c696ada88824]

        Minor configure fix
        <3.8a> [8fcb0d69a70d]

2012-03-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix various C compilation warnings (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [0c2e426da144]

        Fix module cond-expand compilation (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [3e680d76fc3d]

2012-03-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extended serialization (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [e0e9f9cd73ac]

2012-03-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix hrtype propagation (for types occurring in libs) (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [688b2ea9a452]

2012-03-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        GC7.3alpha1 (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [de124e86155b]

2012-03-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Documentation texinfo fix
        <3.8a> [99e99ac7ec90]

        Documentation texinfo fix
        <3.8a> [28ae7b841743]

        Minor build fix
        <3.8a> [7dcdbc6557bc]

        Minor build fix
        <3.8a> [a316c2e3f578]

2012-03-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve dataflow type analysis (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [e984d13163a6]

2012-02-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        CSV installation fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [b996c12734cc]

        Polish CSV api
        <3.8a> [5559bbc7321e]

2012-02-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Integrate the CSV api
        <3.8a> [a9c07096918b]

2012-02-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix UTF-8->8bits conversion (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [74fcf843a5ac]

        SRFI-4 initialization fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [6b0f4a0cd206]

2012-02-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix srfi4 initialization (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [4d7c09923bc0]

2012-02-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix MacOS configuration of regexp (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [c92a078ccfd4]

        Add gc-7.1 patch for MacOS 10.7
        <3.8a> [7b7edaa5c467]

2012-02-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor compiler fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [0aebecf1f093]

        Minor alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [618aa7789751]

2012-02-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Maemo gstreamer fix
        <3.8a> [d44a4cca8d7d]

        Maemo fix
        <3.8a> [efcf783ee13e]

2012-02-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix alsa dependency (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [b322521647ae]

2012-02-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix globalize type error (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [d15e93345806]

        Remove strict-typing variable (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [e58c7b74c2a6]

2012-02-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor alsa improvement (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [6928929a4e89]

2012-02-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove flac traces (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [6791b12adbce]

2012-01-31  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix flac decoder (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [1308c57d406f]

2012-01-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor alsa fix
        <3.8a> [4cdf3e013a3a]

        Improve alsa buffering (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [b675808bc9e2]

2012-01-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix music onvolume (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [7d8f7d9392e4]

        MinGW patch.
        <3.8a> [a98e94693eca]

2012-01-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Android fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [3960c3b34998]

        New music API (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [463f32311db2]

2012-01-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        New alsa implementation (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [9788412ed90d]

2012-01-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        MinGW fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [a65d0ca53b9f]

2012-01-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [26244e177a85]

2012-01-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix C constant generation (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [f9cd010661a7]

2012-01-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix deep class field access (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [97bcc1e8afe4]

2012-01-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix sha1 sum (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [fd88f3095679]

2012-01-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        New object serialization (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [ce49400b0992]

2012-01-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Object serialization improvement (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [3b8e688797d9]

2012-01-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Cleanup object serialization (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [7c25196c08bb]

2011-12-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix UDP broadcast (again) (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [774b93ffc860]

        Fix -g3 traces (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [73a9be6199c2]

2011-12-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix udp broadcast (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [b59eb4625eb8]

2011-12-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        MinGW fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [d364f6d30508]

2011-12-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Avahi autoconf fix
        <3.8a> [a25d705b7481]

2011-12-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval call/cc (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [df5e59f52da2]

2011-12-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add AVAHI binding (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [714365727455]

2011-12-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix map type errors (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [6ed3ee5d2641]

2011-12-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        MPG123 fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [6bc4c4ee5bdd]

2011-12-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Gstreamer autoconfiguation
        <3.8a> [75ee29a2deb1]

        Fix Java regexp support (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [55f07e2547bb]

2011-12-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Change the OO documentation
        <3.8a> [d88f7ebb7cd6]

        Add Debian PCRE dependency.
        <3.8a> [8488cad64980]

        Fix PCRE autoconf
        <3.8a> [37d56c5ddac3]

2011-12-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Use PCRE when available (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [8736c240551d]

2011-12-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [e2e0483421fc]

2011-12-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Datagram socket fix (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [bd5526716c2e]

2011-12-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval global module redefinitions (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [88899cecb9a8]

        Remove .NET support (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [f1fd148ce4ff]

        Remove .NET code generation
        <3.8a> [e26115ccf482]

2011-12-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix DSSSL keyword arguments compilation error (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [c2294e301aba]

        Improve COND localization (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [0fbec626a4df]

2011-11-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval call accessors type checks (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [70341135ad3a]

2011-11-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix widening typing (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [9a3abf0edba5]

2011-11-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add module name info to classes (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [dc6958340ca4]

        Replace lists with vectors for slots (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [e3255d078dcf]

        Class fields with vectors (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [ecd032845ee9]

2011-11-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix class hash numbers (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [a5cd0e7166a2]

2011-11-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve instantiate (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [59ed74af3a0e]

2011-11-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Get rid of angle parenthesis in Bigloo src code (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [0e34d1620520]

2011-11-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix minor C type code generation error (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [3154b529abe5]

        Fix inlinining optimization (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [adaeebef9547]

        Complete re-implementation of default field values (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [46884510c0ac]

        Change class default value (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [364e35ad382a]

        Change class default value (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [58abe72092fd]

        Eval with-access expander use -> (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [12744b6db1f8]

2011-11-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Error fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [cbb89784f37c]

        Type class and class-field API functions (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [7c31f0561eb6]

        Type class holders (comptime) (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [144429284347]

        Add class and class-field types (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [bca69eda454f]

        Support for -> in eval (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [db0e093d65bc]

2011-11-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Move Llib/object.scm to unsafe/object.scm (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [02162636797f]

        Added tag 3.8a for changeset 0ed1fcff3703
        <3.8a> [aa4d55b371ac]

        Initiale bootstrap (bootstrap)
        <3.8a> [0ed1fcff3703]

        Create 3.8a branch.
        <3.8a> [ee1ed86e3261]

        Fix eval virtual field init (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [e03a3509f0f7]

        Class generators elimination (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [eb841d7c8d92]

        Cleanup old class accessors generators
        <3.7b> [f296b85ed8b9]

        Improve eval error messages (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [09744a679025]

2011-11-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        New eval objects (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [7e9162f76bfd]

        Class accessorless bootstrap
        <3.7b> [f360e73678ee]

2011-11-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add optional reader dot notation (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [ae4f3e216756]

2011-11-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Apply 1occ optim to private node (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [fdbffcd1461e]

        Rename field-access into -> (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [921e71563b90]

        Rename is-a in isa, add field-access form (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [924d908520ae]

2011-11-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Operational -fno-class-accessors compilation mode (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [ab7d6b36ab29]

        New OO implementation (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [fbf5f00ec9bf]

2011-11-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add -classgen option (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [7cbf12919640]

2011-11-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Change compile-time WITH-ACCESS expansion (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [f0806aee85e1]

2011-11-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Get rid of class indexed fields (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [8047e1d43d6b]

        Recover from wrong bootstrap (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [4aef833ad68a]

2011-11-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Introduction of the class . notation (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [3019c3ae5131]

2011-10-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Flac fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [ba33e098958e]

2011-10-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [0c17d7858a97]

2011-10-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add file-type (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [c95ca37fe776]

        Add file-type (bootstrap)
        <3.7b> [250b6ad9b982]

2011-09-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Populate gc-7.2alpha6 files.
        <3.7b> [5b732ae6d80f]

        Create 3.7b branch.
        <3.7b> [a1f4a7bd7f86]

        Added tag 3.7b for changeset 614745e71e89
        <3.7a> [2aa763b5de4d]

        gc7.2alpha6 + bug fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.7a> [614745e71e89]

2011-09-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        flac (bootstrap)
        <3.7a> [3bf3e6432424]

        Flac (bootstrap)
        <3.7a> [751f7114569a]

        Flac fix (bootstrap)
        <3.7a> [ef1444361f16]

2011-09-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Stable 3.7a.
        <3.7a> [12f9b2454de4]

        3.7a stable (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [57920828eba1]

2011-09-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        MacOS GMP compilation fix.
        <3.6b> [f17343f70629]

2011-09-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor mpg123 fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [2a1e0a5c27cc]

2011-09-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve libmpg123 autoconfiguration (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [a588c6f9645d]

        Alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [4b0f597a9c87]

        Fix alsadecode (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [3c4d1e71a340]

        Add missing LUB in the dataflow analysis (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [3c4db1665142]

2011-09-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [1bbae432954f]

2011-09-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa/mpg123/flac improvements (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [6abcf722f06d]

2011-09-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Re-implement alsa/mpg123 (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [61c08de0ea68]

2011-09-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix iso-latin-15 conv (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [db67e113d235]

2011-09-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix quoted-printable decode (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [baafc8a8bebe]

        Add module in global trace names (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [95cbbed00f0e]

2011-09-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Change default hashtable comparison function (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [bea3a97c3973]

        Minor API bug fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [1979323e16de]

2011-09-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix number->string prototype (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [182ab7c1b72f]

        Added tag 3.7a for changeset 424bdf905027
        <3.6b> [6f916795729d]

        Creating the 3.7 branch (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [424bdf905027]

        Improve C process management (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [44de528fa569]

        Remove pregexp dependency from the FTP module (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [42cda2195b74]

        Fix nil ctor of recursive classes (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [52860d926fd8]

2011-09-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        local sync (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [8729e10f8eca]

2011-07-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve function integration (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [20dd218c592c]

2011-07-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add error detection in evaluate goto
        <3.6b> [342526c089db]

2011-07-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix append macro-expansion in -O mode (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [ee5cece50c1e]

        Add SRFI-10 support and set-read-syntax! (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [3fe0269e8166]

        Add SRFI-10 support and set-read-syntax! (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [035289c366bb]

        Fix SSL autoconfiguration (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [b5301872f7a1]

        Fix MT define-syntax support (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [f0027d429578]

2011-07-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        MacOS X gmp build fix.
        <3.6b> [43f3aa4439e0]

        Add flac volume support (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [6f795b1f70d4]

        Alsa music fix. Arith overflow option (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [81f0824612b3]

2011-07-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix binfx ops, fix JVM libraries (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [8ea7344ea270]

        Fix JVM bignum (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [ff2260b09a1a]

        Fix crypto library bug (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [80e5a19ef60f]

        Alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [ec5791a9caea]

2011-07-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        ALSA fix
        <3.6b> [891cf595fa07]

        Alsa/flac fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [2e0ba3ea210a]

2011-07-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa/flac fix
        <3.6b> [7456d3b78c12]

        Fix string->number
        <3.6b> [f590b448c579]

        Alsa fix
        <3.6b> [43c33525b53c]

        Fix bignum init in libraries (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [ff2937dad24c]

        Add card support to ALSA (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [befa3ccbf44d]

2011-07-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa/mpg123/flac fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [a6b5e8051a6e]

2011-07-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix RGC fill string facility (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [5bfd9075a953]

2011-07-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        mpg123 fix.
        <3.6b> [24411dbb0a2d]

        Alsa autoconf fix
        <3.6b> [0324f1101b5e]

        JVM fix, Alsa fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [d921c692281d]

2011-07-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa progress (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [65f10d628d3b]

        First operational version of the alsa player (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [5b16ab74f852]

        Fix bgl_rgc_blit_string (wrong barrier) (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [cafb1c73a2b3]

2011-06-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix alsa loop (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [d505a30bc6c7]

2011-06-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Alsa autoconf fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [b04e5daad7d8]

        Create FLAC lib (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [a4ba99df7cc0]

        ALSA and MPG123 enhancements (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [b7a0dc05597f]

2011-06-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        First operational version of MPG123 and ALSA libraries
        <3.6b> [0709f1952300]

2011-06-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Start adding the ALSA api (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [ec6446b74af3]

2011-06-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve generic arithmetic (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [775fab1e6f74]

        Improve generic arithmetic (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [80095eb32e02]

2011-06-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix CFA type propagation (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [e743e1ebf8ce]

2011-06-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Optimize eval fl ops (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [c61198dd7f0b]

        Remove this stupidity about flop (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [7501b5f4d27a]

        Optimize fl ops for eval (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [d2c0f5a0493a]

2011-06-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Inline fl op in eval (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [68162b236cc6]

        Check isatty for current-output-port (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [feac7eee996d]

        Inline C bgl_display_string and _substring (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [583a308fd4ed]

        Activate eval extract-loop optim (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [e65cf1c126e0]

2011-06-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval inlined subr type checks (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [6cf38dac8df0]

2011-06-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        SSL Configure fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [2a1e03cdbdba]

        Makefile fix
        <3.6b> [95cfcd3a796e]

2011-05-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix multimedia mp3info (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [c087ebe7e1c4]

2011-05-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Socket minor changes (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [4a0afa346dc3]

2011-05-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix sendfile error messages (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [47ac47c6ecf3]

2011-05-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix assignments Dataflow analysis (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [22506dc67197]

2011-05-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Multimedia MPD enhancement (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [a152a2ade9c9]

        Multimedia MPD additions (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [cebb32d9db43]

2011-05-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extend multimedia mpd api (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [a84c756193b9]

        Extend the multimedia mpd api (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [1f13130e40c2]

        Rename maemo into debian.
        <3.6b> [38abb260cc5d]

        Eval bug fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [badd1371faa8]

2011-05-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        New mpd db function (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [f253c1bf6931]

        Debian build fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [83579d6762ee]

        Minor multimedia api fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [d8d4f745b038]

        Debian package creation fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [bc3bc9836267]

2011-05-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix cond-expand module imported (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [057eeae3fd69]

2011-05-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix rare CFA bug on procedure-el (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [dbd3429f3ce8]

        Improve type inference for classes (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [ebdfc7d599c6]

2011-05-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Type method return value (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [e2a1821e2d93]

        Type first method argument (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [2934622388c7]

        Add type check warning notification (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [69b66a270c0d]

2011-05-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Library documentation fix (Wayne Richards)
        <3.6b> [33bc01a5fad4]

        Fix vector boxing (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [df7142624caa]

        Fix vector boxing (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [e06638776ab7]

2011-05-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix cfa type inference (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [eb476d752a43]

        Android autoconfigure fix for getaddrinfo
        <3.6b> [5931c936d9e4]

        Add datagram-socket (no doc yet) (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [4becb1ab83e9]

2011-04-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        CFA improve for-each/map/... (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [d94b546693d4]

        CFA kwote fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [36f2403d58ed]

        cfa pair (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [05482c76c539]

2011-04-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        CFA pair tracking (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [072a846f37e2]

2011-04-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add cfa pair tracking (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [54b815eca2db]

        Enable cfa tracking (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [fb30c3271329]

2011-04-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        NOT OPERATIONAL (jvm breaks).
        <3.6b> [611e063a70c0]

        Add three UTF8 library functions (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [e40704cd7e11]

2011-03-31  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve dead code elimination for tvectors (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [7b93349daf69]

2011-03-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fully typed AST (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [2dd1c056d07b]

2011-03-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix cfa tracking (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [90fde285a62a]

        Fix cfa tracking (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [290cb0a9b10a]

2011-03-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add new optim replaceing pair? with null? (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [ea42f1fe087c]

2011-03-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve dataflow false branches (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [7e6fd39a2db6]

2011-03-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Override append-2 with an O-macro (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [f95f6d66ca87]

        No longer inline generics (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [139daaf9b5a8]

        FIND-METHOD always return a method (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [2ba83a73150d]

2011-03-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Pre-allocate empty el procedures (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [ee2c7e6b6cd4]

2011-03-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        GC cleanup
        <3.6b> [fc2e5cdc4ffc]

        Count types before C generation (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [321d75947896]

        Add cfa funcall tracking (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [15fbaf0e74cf]

2011-03-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add CFA free var tracking (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [6f320a909ce6]

2011-03-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Switch to get/setfield for the C backend (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [115c5a8e4986]

        Improve cfa pair subtyping (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [f6a239caf3a4]

2011-03-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix evaluate bind-exit problem (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [7a7f4f526dcb]

2011-03-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add global constant inlining (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [7bc53dd8d6cc]

        CFA subtyping support (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [85a00e536020]

        Add pragma no-init-flow (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [4aaa156e769a]

2011-03-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Prepare init flow analysis (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [3924dba9b9c5]

2011-03-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Change the string hash function (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [93fb33258a84]

2011-03-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve eval error tracking (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [f7623bf01390]

2011-03-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Accomodate gc7.2alpha5 (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [152079161e0d]

2011-03-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix unicode error (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [4c269ae37913]

        Switch to gc-7_2alpha5 (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [2c11b5a65b7f]

2011-03-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Library module initialization fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [e40e280f2bd3]

2011-03-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor error fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [28da23383e8a]

2011-03-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        SUpport escape sequences in UCS2 strings (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [d1c881628d57]

2011-02-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        C unaliasing for GCC 4.6 (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [ec3e10df6915]

        C format patch (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [241ac08eefc1]

2011-02-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor configuration fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [1a26ba3f1c0f]

2011-02-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix Ubuntu SSL autoconfiguration (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [6eaab74b3051]

        Fix Ubuntu SSL autoconfiguration (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [5469a88d5b96]

        Use exact real->string (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [b14b04b57672]

        Improve eval error tracking (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [f3841e7abe12]

2011-02-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix module eval unbound variables (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [e6cdc202265e]

2011-02-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Evaluate performance improvements (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [353d27cb2336]

        Detect unbound eval variables (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [eb4f2f315458]

2011-02-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Change eval global mutation (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [a999257963d5]

2011-02-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        No longer permit mutations of read-only eval variables (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [323487900167]

        Fix from eval module clauses (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [358a700e3a55]

        Fix eval modules (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [b054f0efaea2]

        Fix eval modules (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [fb2bd644fbb6]

2011-02-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Evaluate module fix (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [a02a3cb73e97]

2011-02-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Clean eval error messages implementation (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [5a192c22b09a]

2011-02-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Activate the new (lambda-)interpreter (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [712bbb20802e]

        Add evstate to the dynamic env (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [e8a856395805]

2011-02-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix dataflow analsys for local funs (bootstrap)
        <3.6b> [510168c5a2d7]

2011-01-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Branch creation.
        <3.6b> [1954a6b218bd]

        Added tag 3.6b for changeset a22bce83c02a
        <3.6a> [3dbf7405b095]

        pre 3.6b bootstrap (bootstrap)
        <3.6a> [a22bce83c02a]

        Fix exception handling in Java (bootstrap)
        <3.6a> [0fd0022d0fee]

2011-01-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Force GC static library to be always build
        <3.6a> [87737c7ba6cf]

2011-01-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval define (bootstrap)
        <3.6a> [c21b0e1095a6]

2011-01-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        3.6a release.
        <3.6a> [8c70053bb592]

2011-01-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 3.6a for changeset 579f5ee91fe2
        <3.5b> [e95d8cb05988]

        Preparation of 3.6a (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [579f5ee91fe2]

        pre-3.6a (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [dd860f533414]

2011-01-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix bglpp
        <3.5b> [45c78704c803]

        Add STRING-DELETE.
        <3.5b> [a2e7511e1040]

        Allow bglpkg to be disabled at configure time.
        <3.5b> [7a3c01f22ebe]

        Resurect double->llong-bits et al. (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [4abda7a8a35b]

2011-01-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Re-fix the function LIBRARY-EXISTS?
        <3.5b> [fcb8be1753a2]

2011-01-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extend phone API (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [e638f6f2016c]

2011-01-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add bionic/linker in the GCC path for Android.
        <3.5b> [555ab01c9ea3]

2010-12-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        id3 parsing improvements (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [1655036b8fb3]

2010-12-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix id3 network parsing and mmap-ref/set (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [5b1c46c830f9]

        Try to use the official GC android patch (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [82e12dbc91ef]

2010-12-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Change time unit for millisecond (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [7ed00f53824a]

2010-12-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval include directives (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [849cd8d40049]

2010-12-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix DSSSL rest argument parsing (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [2a00286f8963]

2010-12-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix bignum division.
        <3.5b> [a522a01b35f8]

        Accommodate android changes.
        <3.5b> [10d130f43ba7]

        EXCEPTION-NOTIFY is now a generic (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [6a5c9d697994]

2010-12-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Support serialization for interpreted classes.
        <3.5b> [119fee633afc]

2010-12-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Change the GC init (gc >= 720) (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [491adefb3e95]

2010-12-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Script typo fix (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [ade898016d94]

        Change the GC compilation flags (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [067db1007a63]

2010-12-13  Manuel Serrano <>
        Move the letrec optim of the interpreter (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [1a4fdde10808]

        New BPS interpreter (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [b73c49506edd]

2010-12-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve trace locations
        <3.5b> [515940dd2895]

        Use full name for tracing (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [dde45f350be9]

2010-12-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve eval tracing (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [c76a1d19751f]

2010-12-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        New trace implementation (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [8070f60a4f96]

        No longer save/restore sig mask on bind-exit (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [107a0b45aaa2]

2010-12-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix classes on 64bits arch (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [2a15ef9aa7a3]

2010-12-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add phone api prototypes
        <3.5b> [3e5a9a8d481a]

2010-11-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Dataflow + type + failure (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [ab5af1077846]

        Dataflow type refinement fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [2e670abcce55]

2010-11-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Dataflow + type reduction (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [5d9af4fe54af]

2010-11-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        dataflow + cfa (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [33957b5f92de]

2010-11-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add dataflow type annotation (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [f02c812033d9]

2010-11-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Use uncollectable vectors for classes and generics (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [1d3ddc4ee0a9]

2010-11-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        <3.5b> [02ec4529143c]

        Resurrect old GC ports (for perf. evaluation) (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [58212348ee1d]

        Pthread mutex and condvar fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.5b> [d269da55bc66]

2010-11-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 3.5b for changeset 39d120697de3
        <3.5b> [abae1d0ef40c]

        Create 3.5b. Fix Eval with-access expansion. Re-engineer generic
        <3.5b> [39d120697de3]

2010-11-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Increase the default size of generic buckets (switch to 16).
        <3.5a> [f7e47804f1e4]

2010-11-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix gmp installation.
        <3.5a> [ed60d4dc5c4f]

        Fix library cleaning.
        <3.5a> [dd3ba154fcc8]

2010-10-27  Cyprien Nicolas <>
        runtime/Makefile:bigboot: the bigboot target does not create
        runtime/objs/* directories, nor runtime/.afile, making it failing on
        my setup.
        <3.4b> [3c580407b06f]

2010-11-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Generate ChangeLog directly from the SVN.
        <3.4b> [d6453b7bcaf0]

        Add the ChangeLog generator.
        <3.4b> [857d0a56b929]

2010-11-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Added tag 3.5a for changeset 05b7ddf0e677
        <3.4b> [70b2701a52a0]

        Switch to 3.5a (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [05b7ddf0e677]

        bgltags improvements (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [41fd7a203713]

2010-10-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Phone contact extension (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [fdc58612d0a7]

2010-10-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extend phone API (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [7a418d548170]

2010-10-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extend phone api (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [8e54dd86cfa8]

2010-10-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        co-instantiate fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [3b3483cd1cdc]

2010-10-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        co-instantiate fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [5640cf9b930e]

2010-10-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix co-instantiate macro expansion (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [3e2c68bbb83d]

        Installation fix, eval improved error msg (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [a175ac6e55b2]

        Bdl compilation/installation fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [77f3747cdbae]

2010-10-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix nil for byte fields (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [2bf0f3bba1e2]

2010-10-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Port the new lib linking to Jvm and .NET (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [5f867da3d607]

        Complete the integrate fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [89d9f77f7dbf]

        Minor debug improvement (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [010557552641]

2010-10-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix a very old compiler bug (integate duplicated) (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [9fd8379aa0d0]

2010-10-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Enable auto-configuration of thread local storage.
        <3.4b> [6c04f5b63392]

        Minor mail fix.
        <3.4b> [944477575b6c]

        Imap fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [bbfbb0c9abbe]

        Add support for letrec* (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [7148436bd17b]

2010-10-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Eval support for co-instantiate (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [93951bdfc47c]

        Optimize letrec as let when legal (fix) (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [761c299e909b]

        Optimize letrec as let when legal (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [bf477fafb7f4]

2010-10-15  Manuel Serrano <>
        Export file-gzip?.
        <3.4b> [a61e4c15b0ee]

2010-10-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Extent the phone API
        <3.4b> [6971805740ae]

2010-10-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix eval library static link (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [526ce2e59a1d]

        Add the phone library (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [fbcba60b46ea]

2010-10-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove useless string copy (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [18a03b2bfe00]

2010-10-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Complete the new implementation of eval library (link phase).
        <3.4b> [e10f8122ec86]

        Change the C behavior of eval libraries.
        From now on, when a library is declared as accessible from eval, the
        _e version of that library is linked against the application and
        initialization as a regular library. In the past, the library was
        automatically loaded with an implicit library-load call.
        <3.4b> [7ce96f70fbb5]

2010-10-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Better Android GC customization (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [8771f3ffd413]

2010-10-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        MacOS configure fix
        <3.4b> [83b6488ea7b0]

        Fix GC initialization error.
        <3.4b> [4c32625e38b7]

2010-09-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix MacOS configure. Change -Obench (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [9a3a21892469]

        Fix recently introduced MacOSX configure error (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [ff3af5e13ff1]

2010-09-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Cleanup init for the C backend (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [08094847c829]

2010-09-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        First complete (pthread support) Android port.
        <3.4b> [7ab0f5075026]

        Android improvements.
        <3.4b> [5738196b7de4]

        Patch the GC (7.2alpha4) to accommodate Android threads.
        <3.4b> [284d04f471a7]

2010-09-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve Android port.
        <3.4b> [31af28faec86]

        Various configuration changes for Android.
        <3.4b> [bdcae730fdb1]

2010-09-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        From now on, -hgen only generates local classes (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [a6318e886fcc]

2010-09-17  Marcos Dione <>
        *** another change in Android's layout. how unsurprising...
        <3.4b> [db49dfa09797]

        + include changes in the Makefile.
        <3.4b> [8cf1c2708077]

        > the patch is more general now, so, just change its name.
        <3.4b> [aff7822a69c5]

        *** update patch for droid-gcc.
        <3.4b> [889c45580031]

2010-09-16  Marcos Dione <>
        *** more detailed instructions on how to get Android's code.
        <3.4b> [8a7f843096d1]

        *** improved the instructions.
        <3.4b> [2da83a2795c9]

        ^ merge from my work elsewere.
        *** Android SDK r07 ahnged the path again.
        <3.4b> [e97259d8e3c7]

2010-08-09  Marcos Dione <>
        *** no, it actually declares itself as 'arm-unknown-linux-gnulibc'. I
        only trust the first and third part...
        <3.3b-android-threads> [91c993edb98b]

        ^ merge from 3.4b
        <3.3b-android-threads> [c3ccefc81a1a]

        *** Android's gcc reports as arm-glibc-linux.
        <3.3b-android-threads> [c4e1b4db3778]

2010-08-05  Marcos Dione <>
        *** try to force GC to use threads under Android.
        <3.3b-android-threads> [053e0a949236]

        ^ from upstream.
        <3.3b-android-threads> [dfdf3ca89c1d]

        ^ from upstream.
        <3.3b-android-threads> [ba4b8695ee75]

2010-07-12  Marcos Dione <>
        + support Android versions >=2.1.
        *** the tmp dir is handled elsewhere.
        <3.4a> [c414cb3028dd]

        *** make greps quiet. + forgot to save the found tmp dir.
        <3.4a> [c877c94a86b4]

        ^ upstream.
        <3.4a> [22294874703c]

2010-07-09  Marcos Dione <>
        *** better and more complete routine for finding a tmp dir in the
        <3.4a> [f43ab465c13b]

        *** always set -e
        <3.4a> [a5097f59dc94]

2010-09-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        XML parser fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [b267b8b154d5]

        Complete maildir implementation (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [9fbece7b90a2]

2010-09-14  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove FORTIFY bypass.
        <3.4b> [c18f98240c05]

2010-09-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        No longer emit runtime tests on the JVM.
        We now rely on the JVM for detecting index out of bounds and illegal
        class cast conversion. Bigloo now merely intercept the JVM raised
        exception. On the other hand, Bigloo debug modes (-g and higher)
        still introduce explicit runtime tests.
        <3.4b> [11a109e8059c]

2010-09-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        New code generation for type tests (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [ef7cbd3f41e5]

        Switch to the new string bound checking model (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [8ed5af269f4c]

2010-09-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve side-effect propagation for extern nodes (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [9ce61ea7e059]

        Array bound checking move in the compiler (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [ab706a280b32]

2010-09-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Compile heaps with BFLAGS (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [dae77e5319ff]

2010-09-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        Split cfa-arithmetic optim (fixnum+flonum) (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [4e740b823aff]

2010-09-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix reduce inlining optimization (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [2d1430881940]

        Fix CSS parsing (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [f28ecc8c7872]

2010-09-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Remove eval from SRFI1 recette.
        <3.4b> [830071d785d5]

        Use setenv instead of environ (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [447c92c61a69]

2010-08-31  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add official support for the Text API (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [d16869ba019f]

        Add missing environ file (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [ad682a528605]

        fix MacOS X environ dependency (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [b0e963839b8e]

2010-08-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix profiling library (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [c7b8dde1f923]

        Fix ical parsing (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [83e12b4aa6ad]

        Fix ical parsing (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [42c0166f81fb]

        OpenPGP signature decoding fix.
        <3.4b> [b9e7f38e195b]

2010-08-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        XML parser fix. Improved C autoconfiguration (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [f3c5df477165]

        Add CONFIG syntax in cond-expand (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [07545344a71b]

2010-08-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix macro hygienic rewritting (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [788b77ee2d94]

2010-08-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor sha256 fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [bd4e2a7cfc7c]

        Fix sha2 on 64bits architectures.
        <3.4b> [59753c0f43a5]

2010-08-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        sha256 (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [734cfc9de594]

2010-08-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        OpenPGP fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [e777159a7579]

2010-08-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Complete ZLIB support in OpenPGP (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [4f1a834a8521]

2010-08-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add client-ftp support (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [8c0b1df7516f]

        Minor zlib change.
        <3.4b> [8d05921918d8]

        Add zlib inflate support (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [2dd0026ee36a]

2010-08-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Installation fix. Disable cfa-arithmetic by default. Minor mail
        <3.4b> [90b9befc8956]

2010-08-12  Manuel Serrano <>
        Replace BMASK with MODXXX.
        <3.4b> [caf9dac4db2d]

2010-08-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Maildir fixes (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [30ce40cd3b8c]

        Installation fix.
        <3.4b> [f241b60aab84]

        Installation fixes.
        <3.4b> [15ff4cf3b7a5]

        Installation fixes.
        <3.4b> [3c271ff87dae]

        Change CC invocation not to use -I on missing dirs (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [bbd0177ed74e]

        OpenPGP installation, bmem fix
        <3.4b> [62103aa339d6]

        OpenPGP integration. Fix BDL installation (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [429a7e004553]

        Fix bglmem (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [c0cdc8378094]

2010-08-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix bee parallel compilation.
        <3.4b> [d2e35404d194]

        Pattern matching fix. Libraries doc fix. (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [93a68e9b6cf3]

        Mix match-case optimization (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [fd4a830ade64]

2010-08-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix the documentation.
        <3.4b> [d99719983b17]

2010-07-06  Cyprien Nicolas <>
        Do APIs test invocation only if the binary was built (which was not
        the case for gstreamer's ./recette-jvm).
        <3.4b> [56ccbd81b3f9]

2010-08-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix install permissions for executables.
        <3.4b> [cadf04b7180c]

        Fix API makefiles.
        <3.4b> [217776a64bb2]

2010-08-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Prevent procedure in source sexps (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [8b7c6608455c]

2010-08-04  Manuel Serrano <>
        RFC 2047 support fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4b> [5f65f3894740]

        Complete new hygienic macro expansion.
        <3.4b> [2bc8dfffaa4f]

2010-08-03  Manuel Serrano <>
        Brand new syntax-case implementation.
        <3.4b> [aa654dc5da2b]

2010-07-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Bmacs back ports.
        <3.4a> [33286cffe58e]

        Minor .NET installation fix.
        <3.4a> [73198ac046b0]

        Minor .NET installation fix.
        <3.4b> [32a7b0f55498]

2010-07-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        Emacs fix, library documentation fix.
        <3.4b> [cacb91492c59]

2010-07-02  Manuel Serrano <>
        Initial preparations for the new interpreter.
        <3.4b> [5525571dab33]

        Added tag 3.4b for changeset 60692fd66141
        <3.4a> [0d83a9b190f8]

        Initial 3.4b (bootstrap)
        <3.4a> [60692fd66141]

2010-07-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Shipped bootstrap (bootstrap)
        <3.4a> [b83da0dfe53e]

        Change the default configuration for thread local storage.
        <3.4a> [b0942112e240]

2010-06-30  Marcos Dione <>
        ^ merge my changes.
        <3.4a> [8c283418b55d]

        *** the install prefix is now not defined by the user, but set to a
        dir inside the arch/android dir. we need to install it so hop can
        find everything in its place and this way we don't leave stuff
        outside the source dir, and the user could not use such a bigloo
        <3.4a> [cf15100d0a62]

        *** typo.
        <3.4a> [d4882fd82f0f]

2010-07-01  Manuel Serrano <>
        Yet another JVM (minor) fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4a> [af2ba9480192]

        Yet another JVM fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4a> [806aa5adf6e2]

        Fix java binary resource input access (bootstrap)
        <3.4a> [7ec10b7eb7bf]

2010-06-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor JVM bug fix (bootstrap)
        <3.4a> [a3e599f82143]

        Minor JVM fix.
        <3.4a> [71a2e4f34c16]

        Fix shared library installation.
        <3.4a> [0abff24b8d55]

2010-06-29  Marcos Dione <>
        + try to detect an usable tmp file in the android device.
        <3.4a> [3dbf2388dc14]

        + load the config of which tmp directory to use from a config file.
        <3.4a> [7cc9a457382c]

        *** typo in static rules.
        <3.4a> [05ebf520f46e]

        ^ I don't understand. I updated to 3.4a, merged with 3.3b and still
        3 commits in 3.4a were left out. merge them by changeset.
        <3.4a> [61369d868728]

        ^ my last work on 3.3b.
        <3.4a> [e9c4068a5214]

        *** the adb tool 'eats' the commands error value, so we can't make
        tests. blindly create the tmp directory.
        <3.3b> [3eb5c28cf005]

        ^ upstream.
        <3.3b> [e4c3cc771373]

2010-06-24  Marcos Dione <>
        + hop will look for some Makefiles in lib/$version. symlink them.
        <3.3b> [556ccc284a55]

2010-06-22  Marcos Dione <>
        ^ cyprien's fixes.
        <3.3b> [10af4b488496]

        + compile static/safe version of the eval lib. + make clean also
        removes the static versions.
        <3.3b> [e8095810c878]

2010-06-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Installation fix
        <3.4a> [c2618d022f2a]

        MacOSX fix
        <3.4a> [98df1254e879]

        Added tag 3.4a for changeset 8891da48b29d
        <3.4a> [a50af2851e98]

        3.4a boot (bootstrap)
        <3.4a> [8891da48b29d]

        Switch to 3.4a nomenclature.
        <3.4a> [6da1e838e155]

        Rename 3.3b into 3.4a.
        <3.4a> [b63fd035305e]

        Temporary branch
        <3.3.b-merge> [39aa75c9dfcc]

        Minor imap bug fix (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [b8b6d01586fd]

2010-06-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor mmap fix for MinGW.
        <3.3b> [8a9612c26458]

        <3.3b> [d019699e1745]

2010-06-25  Cyprien Nicolas <>
        Bee/bdb: Change ./bdb/bdb invocation, using mode target
        <3.3b> [15e56b745a44]

2010-06-28  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor imap bug fix (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [395050747563]

2010-06-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Bmem fix.
        <3.3b> [1cdcbe90195b]

        Fix bmem.
        <3.3b> [f7785544a324]

        Minor change in the mail API (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [49559c0092bb]

2010-06-25  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor API improvement.
        <3.3b> [89fd61fcb2f1]

2010-06-22  Cyprien Nicolas <>
        Bdb: Fix all_cmd and parse_args compile errors (replacing '-' by
        <3.3b> [fa40db3e82b9]

        Api/Sqlite: Fix Makefile displaying JVM instead of C for build-c
        <3.3b> [8a6ec0c82a14]

2010-06-21  Marcos Dione <>
        *** typo galore...
        <3.3b> [2918b94760b7]

        *** /tmp sometimes is not present on the emulated images. use
        /data/tmp instead. + add missing script! why was it being ignored?
        <3.3b> [5e8b7868af0a]

        *** support emulator's system version (2.0), even while there should
        be a 2.0.1 image due to bugs in 2.0.
        <3.3b> [0dd577d8f58c]

        - remove generated file.
        <3.3b> [03ab97e361aa]

2010-06-24  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor bug fixes.
        <3.3b> [ecf98901d6db]

2010-06-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        SRFI-27 improved auto-configuration (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [1739c32af8a4]

        Fix errornous eval double function eval (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [e740881ea4bc]

2010-06-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Replace symbols with strings in error msg. (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [7ace03adbc7a]

        Change the overall organisation of libs for MacOS X.
        <3.3b> [8797c8a6ea61]

2010-06-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        MacOS X installation fix (first attempt that only fix ssl).
        <3.3b> [bf3443eb889c]

2010-06-18  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix -/_ in init files.
        <3.3b> [659f84a4ff7e]

        Fix CSS mutex (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [3270236ab77b]

        Fix bmem compilation.
        <3.3b> [2974327877b5]

2010-06-17  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix alignment auto-configuration.
        <3.3b> [80d01d1f74ff]

        Improve CSS parsing.
        <3.3b> [99a62ca0658b]

2010-06-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix constants printing (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [05c4cd3603ba]

2010-06-10  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix CSS parser (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [06e80ff62c44]

2010-06-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        -/_ substitutions
        <3.3b> [d0ecc11b48ea]

2010-06-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        deleting old macosx dir.
        <3.3b> [644f59cea66b]

2010-06-03  Marcos Dione <>
        *** rearranging definitions.
        <3.3b-android> [2c22f2dd06b3]

        *** properly load the config-local script.
        <3.3b-android> [850af48c827a]

        + note about .apk.
        <3.3b-android> [c6300766c0a2]

        + note about installing.
        <3.3b-android> [404f9e39d792]

        *** config file we can share with Hop.
        <3.3b-android> [0c3e7e366870]

        *** changed name.
        <3.3b-android> [fdb05a245102]

        + compiling instructions. + diff for droid-wrapper.
        <3.3b-android> [a83068cccb38]

        *** set the install prefix in
        <3.3b-android> [2286c6f4199f]

        + USB Debugging and permissions.
        <3.3b-android> [bb850853666e]

2010-06-02  Marcos Dione <>
        + small FAQ.
        <3.3b-android> [ef42df9aa09e]

        *** moved config to an external file.
        <3.3b-android> [574db9746ed0]

        *** moved configuration to an external file.
        <3.3b-android-threads> [7d7dc1c24de0]

        *** typos in comments.
        <3.3b-android-threads> [530984068d71]

        + disable thread canceling on Android, there's not enough support in
        the platform.
        <3.3b-android-threads> [e1d97e45f6e5]

2010-06-01  Marcos Dione <>
        - removed not-needed backup file included in the patch.
        <3.3b-android-threads> [6b0f657f5427]

        *** reapplied commits e65b0c47275e and 2a1c13b0fad3 into a new branch.
        <3.3b-android-threads> [86e1def14d58]

        *** megerd both backouts.
        <3.3b-android> [9f1231c97af1]

        *** Backed out changeset 2a1c13b0fad3. it will be developed in a
        seperate branch, as it most probably will break everything :)
        <3.3b-android> [598109939833]

        *** Backed out changeset e65b0c47275e
        <3.3b-android> [6244a3e5722f]

2010-05-27  Marcos Dione <>
        + add -DLINUX to CFLAGS when on android so gc compiles with threads.
        <3.3b-android> [e65b0c47275e]

        *** use the same config for android than for linux.
        <3.3b-android> [2a1c13b0fad3]

        *** cleanup.
        <3.3b-android> [07219c97f80d]

        *** better error message when an android device cannot be contacted.
        <3.3b-android> [314eea92f0fe]

        *** decrease verboseness.
        <3.3b-android> [93f0459c7468]

        *** use the default device. this allows use a fone too.
        <3.3b-android> [c799a4e9beb1]

2010-05-26  Marcos Dione <>
        *** merge from upstream.
        <3.3b-android> [4f5d2311c78c]

2010-03-31  Marcos Dione <>
        *** reapply 42d66a8d670a because it was accidentally rolled back
        during the merge.
        <3.3b> [90cd23edf6bc]

2010-05-19  Marcos Dione <>
        *** merge from upstream.
        <3.3b-android> [df849de08837]

        *** it's gcc, not gc (which might confuse to think of Boehm's GC).
        <3.3b-android> [ee5785fec1b0]

2010-05-05  Marcos Dione <>
        *** make install was not working in the android port because the dep
        was pointing to a place where the lib never was (which also meant
        that it was built all the time).
        <3.3b-android> [01f3f5501887]

        *** compile and install a static version of the eval version of the
        library. needed for the android port of hop.
        <3.3b-android> [b2eeaeb8cbda]

        *** merge from upstream.
        <3.3b-android> [a7975cb3c2d8]

        *** note on arch/android/ about defining paths as CLI
        <3.3b-android> [76c4b570341f]

2010-05-19  Marcos Dione <>
        *** reverted comments that slipped in the last commit.
        <3.3b-felix> [737a5e369038]

        *** merge from upstream.
        <3.3b-felix> [4f78ada28881]

2010-05-18  Marcos Dione <>
        *** renamed still more c files.
        <3.3b-felix> [c01e7ee3f364]

        *** s/inline-alloc.c/inline_alloc.c/.
        <3.3b-felix> [73680af7b4b6]

2010-05-05  Marcos Dione <>
        *** s/inline-alloc/inline_alloc/.
        <3.3b-felix> [1bc24e088c83]

2010-04-15  Marcos Dione <>
        *** more s/make-lib/make_lib/
        <3.3b-felix> [bba860502370]

2010-05-18  Marcos Dione <>
        *** some references to the ClassLoader were still using java's while
        it should the current one.
        <3.3b-felix> [5f521cc30b5b]

2010-04-15  Marcos Dione <>
        *** s/make-lib/make_lib/.
        <3.3b-felix> [e60bb5dd902b]

2010-03-31  Marcos Dione <>
        *** reapply 42d66a8d670a because it was accidentally rolled back
        during the merge.
        <3.3b-felix> [f66ef2fe69a9]

        *** use the current class loader and not java's. this makes it work
        under osgi.
        <3.3b-felix> [1192d0481190]

        *** modify the Makefiles for the filename changes.
        <3.3b-felix> [5af3a6772d05]

2010-05-18  Marcos Dione <>
        *** s/-/_/g in filenames.
        <3.3b-felix> [d9e5a0f57974]

        *** merged my fixes upstream.
        <3.3b> [f3b6fb965cd3]

2010-03-09  Marcos Dione <>
        *** method gramamr rule had '(field' instead of '(method'.
        <3.3b> [dc40e4020bff]

2010-06-06  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor distribution Makefile fix.
        <3.3b> [26c986df631b]

2010-05-30  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve reader performance (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [1d7593813def]

2010-05-27  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix (p)thread-terminate problem (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [fc7b769eb715]

        Accomodate CSS media query (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [327a5a37eb6f]

2010-05-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        raise max apply arity to 50 (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [f325bb40f536]

2010-05-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Export css class from the web library (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [c9d1bca1e2f2]

        Add thread-join to nothread (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [a17c46a1202c]

2010-05-11  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add string-skip (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [04cb1839325c]

        Add string-skip (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [4b29edf6f5cc]

        Fix comptime optimizing macro for reduce.
        <3.3b> [1059592bd420]

2010-05-08  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix HTTP-SEND-CHUNK for HTTP proxy (bootstrap)
        <3.3b> [6f54b1ef82c2]

2010-05-05  Manuel Serrano <>
        <3.3b> [639d24740f09]

2010-05-04  Marcos Dione <>
        *** merge from -merge branch, where I worked integrating last 2 months
        of commits in another repo.
        <3.3b> [756f15a694b9]

2010-04-23  Manuel Serrano <>
        GC patch (for bmem). Gstreamer fix (all gstreamer version). Compiler
        <3.3.b-merge> [05c25831ea56]

2010-04-09  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix gstreamer initializing bug.
         The regular gstreamer initialization (gst_init) allows itself to
        change the locale of the application! This error fix restores the
        locale in use before gstreamer initializes.
        <3.3.b-merge> [087e91735dca]

2010-04-07  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve Gstreamer autoconfiguration.
        <3.3.b-merge> [23504981ac8f]

        Gstreamer backward compatibility.
        <3.3.b-merge> [e812ef8f7c03]

2010-03-29  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve debug macro error messages, fix key argument passing.
        <3.3.b-merge> [89031e61c4d7]

2010-03-22  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve HTTP to support arbitrary POST commands.
        <3.3.b-merge> [c7e8750c003c]

2010-03-16  Manuel Serrano <>
        Improve connect error messages.
        <3.3.b-merge> [2b39ae32eb00]

2010-05-04  Marcos Dione <>
        *** raise a more explicit exception when the host is unreachable.
        <3.3.b-merge> [64eaebe2f865]

        *** runtime/comptime, c-backend. Make C BIND-EXIT thread-safe!
        <3.3.b-merge> [38f01685c3c7]

        *** fixes in mpd code.
        <3.3.b-merge> [f4692799b0e7]

        *** music-prev/next moved from gstreamer to multimedia.
        *** use a lock instead of a timed-lock in music-volume-set!.
        <3.3.b-merge> [acabdb162927]

        + music-can-play-type?
        *** fixes in evobject.
        <3.3.b-merge> [e8b6f8ada73f]

        *** shrink global to be sure that we do not save extra information. +
        <3.3.b-merge> [062132ad3f65]

        *** work on mpd and gstreamer.
        <3.3.b-merge> [4171f97584d7]

2010-02-26  Manuel Serrano <>
        Minor gstreamer fixes.
        <3.3.b-merge> [e184d9c1072f]

2010-02-21  Manuel Serrano <>
        Fix macosx GC configure setting.
        <3.3.b-merge> [ddd2cfabae4d]

2010-02-20  Manuel Serrano <>
        Add explicit Mercurial check after each commit.
        <3.3.b-merge> [f20f26815d20]

        Fix error handler setting of mpc status.
        <3.3.b-merge> [838fe35f5975]

2010-05-04  Marcos Dione <>
        *** fixes in mpd's code.
        *** special configuration for gc on PPC. + integer->ucs2-ur.
        <3.3.b-merge> [5731d60f4c56]

        *** add bigloo's lib dir to LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
        <3.3b-android> [8f2ab54fec2c]

        *** bail out if we find an Android hostos but we can't determine which
        one it is.
        <3.3b-android> [682d44d90482]

2010-03-02  Marcos Dione <>
        *** remove extra \ which made the make part not run when both
        configure and make options were given.
        <3.3b-android> [c549139f6a99]

2010-03-01  Marcos Dione <>
        of that check is not clear, as right now it's a constant in the
        configure script, and it is not linked to the exitsence of
        PTHREAD_CANCEL_ASYNCHRONOUS in the platform's headers.
        <3.3b-android> [66cec46d5aef]

        *** we were trying to link the fthread lib to itself!
        <3.3b-android> [b9d285a1319a]

        *** normally we'll have only one emulator running. change the port
        *** we compile bigloo for android. make it explicit in the prefix
        *** rearrange options fo configure so we can move them arround at will.
        <3.3b-android> [637f1c5922df]

        *** check that we're configured before trying to compile anything.
        <3.3b-android> [878d372f442f]

2010-02-25  Marcos Dione <>
        *** for Android pthreads is included in the libc, so we don't need and
        extra -l<lib> LDFLAG.
        <3.3b-android> [0e9e83f57987]

        *** move __satck_base__ to inline-alloc.c, so it's included in and Android can find it.
        <3.3b-android> [47bf62831539]

2010-02-19  Marcos Dione <>
        *** s/reconfigure/configure/.
        *** fix bug in script/source detection.
        *** cleanup.
        <3.3b-android> [1be70a86db90]

2010-02-17  Marcos Dione <>
        ! use eclair's (android 2.0) tools.
        <3.3b-android> [dc09ed1359bf]

2010-02-16  Marcos Dione <>
        *** support eclair too.
        <3.3b-android> [fc7069f819db]

2010-05-04  Marcos Dione <>
        *** fix bug in bcopy detection. seems like at some point I mixed
        whether we needed stddef.h or not in andriod: it turns out we needed
        them, and the original version was right. also, it must be included
        before including string.h.
        <3.3b-android> [523818fa86ff]

2010-02-10  Marcos Dione <>
        + gc 7.2alpha4 source code needed for Android arch.
        <3.3b-android> [db64ab24712f]

2010-03-30  Marcos Dione <>
        *** make make clean work when we can't find gmp.
        <3.3b> [42d66a8d670a]

2010-02-19  Manuel Serrano <>
        Get rid of PPC GC special configuration.
        <3.3b> [5f4530cbf51e]

2010-02-03  Manuel Serrano (
        Initial commit for 3.3b.
        <3.3b> [2bddb5aa6734]

        Android fixes.
        <3.3a> [4d69711944c1]

        Android patches.
        <3.3a> [de831f8e4154]

2010-01-04  Manuel Serrano (
        Change sendfile detection (use /etc/hosts instead of /etc/passwd).
        <3.2c> [6f24c64a0e80]

2009-12-14  Manuel Serrano (
        Maemo autoconf fix.
        <3.2c> [5a508880d577]

2009-12-07  Manuel Serrano (
        Touch .afile to avoid regenerating afile on boot.
        <3.2c> [8fc4c7cb60e1]

        Minor bmacs installation fix.
        <3.2c> [acf5738ea37b]

2009-12-04  Manuel Serrano (
        Improve GMP custom installation
        <3.2c> [6658efadb0ed]

2009-12-03  Manuel Serrano (
        Add automatic bignum->fixnum conversion to arith. ops. (bootstrap)
        <3.2c> [95432e058928]

2009-12-02  Manuel Serrano (
        Minor Makefiles fixes for .deb creation
        <3.2c> [0a5c1664ca69]

2009-12-01  Manuel Serrano (
        Added tag 3.3a for changeset 216b62fb5084
        <3.2c> [a22622c826ee]

        Split Makefile install entry
        <3.2c> [82c2b0570dfb]

2009-11-30  Manuel Serrano (
        Fix SENDFILE bug. Offset was ignored!
        <3.2c> [f39ebdf1b2a2]

2009-11-23  Manuel Serrano (
        SQLITE configuration fix.
        <3.2c> [104d861f27bf]

        Autoconf fix.
        <3.2c> [0f0c04ad55a0]

        autoconf fixes
        <3.2c> [288012ce7d22]

        Yet another MinGW fix.
        <3.2c> [6f01bfbecaa1]

        MinGW configuration fix.
        <3.2c> [18fcefc01023]

2009-11-13  Manuel Serrano (
        Fix LDSHARE autoconfiguration.
        <3.2c> [b3f2ba7c712b]

        Fix SIGCHLD autoconfiguration.
        <3.2c> [24adcaf94211]

2009-11-12  Manuel Serrano (
        Fix bignum multiplication and SRFI-27 (bootstrap)
        <3.2c> [47292b16f21f]

        Fix JVM strings generation (MacOS X only). Fix HTTP status line
        <3.2c> [7fada995c725]

2009-11-11  Manuel Serrano (
        Fix threads configuration
        <3.2c> [4cd74e3a6fae]

        Fix DBUS configuration
        <3.2c> [d1baf4629c0e]

        Fix user --enable-XXX option
        <3.2c> [ab21fa790f7b]

        Fix SQLITE configuration
        <3.2c> [27232740f659]

        Fix DBUS configuration
        <3.2c> [8bb32e06fe36]

        Fix JVM configuration
        <3.2c> [48b281c994df]

        Fix DBUS configuration
        <3.2c> [ed2f8478e29a]

2009-11-04  Manuel Serrano (
        Document the new behavior of WITH-HANDLER.
        <3.2c> [800099f5ac18]

2009-10-15  Manuel Serrano (
        Fix the comptime/bigloo.plain entry that prevented bootstraps.
        <3.2c> [67d31463d5e2]

2009-10-14  Florian Loitsch <>
        rename double->ieee-string, etc to double->octet-string. Old forms
        still exist but are not documented.
        <3.2c> [2d2f25bea9c8]

2009-10-07  Florian Loitsch
        fixed ieee-string->float (and inverse). added double->llong-bits,
        float->int-bits (and inverse).
        <3.2c> [1ed8a5d263e3]

2009-10-05  Florian Loitsch
        integer->ucs2 now allows '0'. added integer->ucs2-ur.
        <3.2c> [10cae5604257]

2009-10-02  Manuel Serrano (
        Fix bmacs installation.
        <3.2c> [cbb01b342d31]

2009-10-01  Manuel Serrano (
        Minor Makefile fix (thanks Cyprien).
        <3.2c> [af1b285290c1]

2009-09-11  Manuel Serrano (
        Minor GC install fix.
        <3.2c> [840d0ee068c6]

2009-09-28  Florian Loitsch
        closing branch. changes have been merged into main tree.

2009-09-25  Florian Loitsch
        stop compilation when the first error is encountered.
        <3.2c> [cd605b0164dc]

2009-09-22  Florian Loitsch <>
        small configure-bugfix.
        <3.2c> [c7c1332d8f16]

        fix. seed-random! now correctly transmits the seed (Java).
        <3.2c> [9a6061c77632]

2009-09-11  Florian Loitsch <>
        parallel build patches.
        <3.2c> [bfd859dda381]

        parallel build patch.
        <3.2c> [f9fb8fc9aed7]

        bugfix. (pass-parse-args).
        <3.2c> [2baa6464719a]

        last one did not work completely for mercurial checkouts.
        <3.2c> [2e7fb97cb468]

        slightly changed pass-args-parse syntax.
        <3.2c> [7f0c3f292a52]

        Fix arity checking (bootstrap)
        <3.2c> [625e1d052cec]

        Fix arity checking.
        <3.2c> [ebfa670b4964]

2009-09-10  Manuel Serrano (
        <3.2c> [0ee36f656ce1]

        MacOS pthread Makefile fix.
        <3.2c> [7d7ec42f0460]

        Fix autoconf/ldshare test.
        <3.2c> [382e31a6a65b]

        Bug fix.
        <3.2c> [499a563b4dc9]

2009-09-09  Florian Loitsch <>
        added cross-compilation documentation
        <3.2c> [a1208a775350]

        added some hostsh examples.
        <3.2c> [f0c05d8ba7e0]

        -lib-dir now handles cross-compilation. make (-> make boot) is now
        sufficient for bootstrap from mercurial.
        <3.2c> [9b3798e20a57]

2009-09-08  Florian Loitsch <>
        cross-configuration seems to work again.
        <3.2c> [b5ffec034600]

        Minor autoconf changes.
        <3.2c> [dad3012662de]

        Minor autoconf fix.
        <3.2c> [90013631e14f]

2009-09-07  Manuel Serrano (
        Mercurial fix.
        <3.2c> [f13d139317be]

        Minor emacs(23) install fix.
        <3.2c> [4df7b0a66e3b]

        Brand new configure implementation (to prepare cross installation).

2009-07-28  Manuel Serrano (
        Fix pthread init process.

2009-09-03  Florian Loitsch <>
        fixes segfaults when using unread-char and unread-string

2009-08-04  Florian Loitsch <>
        typo. rsa-encrypt -> rsa-sign.

        first psuh of crypto-api. remaining issues:
         - the ciphers are still compiled in Unsafe mode, and
         - cast-128 allocates elongs like crazy. Both are not showstoppers,

        embarrassing, but another fix in the manual (old spurious

        little typo... functions are named "unread-char!.." and not "rgc-
        buffer-unread-char!, ..."

        added unread-char! and unread-string!

        added CRC to menu (otherwise the whole thing won't build...)

2009-07-31  Florian Loitsch <>
        Added CRC (and small fix to doc from previous commit).

        added bignum->octet-string, octet-string->bignum and the #zxHEX

2009-07-24  Manuel Serrano (
        Add http fthread example. Fix read-chars on eof.

2009-07-07  Manuel Serrano (
        Fix bmacs Makefile.

        Improve mime multipart decoding.

2009-07-06  Manuel Serrano (
        Initial mercurial version for Bigloo (3.2c alpha).

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