An Open Platform for Mesh Generation


CGALmesh is a 3D simplicial mesh generator. It provides isotropic tetrahedron meshes for domains or multi-domains bounded by curved or flat, smooth or piecewise smooth, surfaces. CGALmesh handle a wide variety of inputs ranging from 3D images to implicit functions through surface meshes (see gallery below, recent slides and document).

CGALmeshed is based on the 3D Delaunay and regular triangulations from the CGAL library. It combines Delaunay refinement and Delaunay filtering through the notion of restricted Delaunay triangulation. Delaunay refinement is followed by an optimization phase. Sharp creases are handled via the method of protecting balls.

CGALmesh is open source and can be downloaded from the CGAL web site.
A commercial license is distributed by GeometryFactory (see distribution).
The mesh generators are now used in several projects (see section medical and mesh generation from the projects web page).

Main Features



Development progress


Download an open source C++ implementation from the CGAL web site.
Purchase a commercial license from GeometryFactory.


CGALmesh is supported by INRIA and GeometryFactory.