Workshop on Tensors and Interpolation

Wednesday 10th June
9h00 André Hirschowitz Multivariate Hermite Interpolation : the state of affairs.
9h45 Joseph M. Landsberg Rank v.s. border rank
10h30 Coffe break
11h15 Patrick Cassam-Chenaï Best subspace tensor approximations: a quantum physical interpretation
12h00 Lunch
14h00 Georgio Ottaviani On the rank of skew-symmetric and general tensors.
14h45 Boris Tsygan Opérations sur la (co)homologie de Hochschild
15h30 Coffee break
16h00 Emmanuel Briand Decomposable Symmetric Tensors
16h45 Alessendra Bernardi Sylvester's Algorithm
17h30 Hirotachi Abo Secant varieties to tangential varieties of cubic Veronese embeddings.
18h15 End
Thursday 11th June
9h00 Fréderic Patras Lie idempotents and decompositions in the tensor algebra.
9h45 Alicia Dickenstein Interpolation, residues and resultants
10h30 Coffee break
11h15 Robert Rolland \& Stéphane Ballet Complexité bilinéaire de la multiplication dans une extension finie d'un corps fini.
12h00 Lunch
13h30 Bruno Vallette Propérade en Algèbre, Topologie, Géométrie et Physique Mathématique (HDR)
15h15 Eugene Tyrtyshnikov Efficient and Stable Decompositions for Tensors in Many Dimensions
16h00 Vartan Choulakian Some Numerical Results on the Rank of Generic Three-Way Arrays over R
Pot HDR/colloque
20h00 Dinner
Friday 12th June
9h00 Ivan Panin On Grothendieck---Serre's conjecture concerning principal G-bundles over a reductive group scheme
9h45 Georgio Ottaviani The typical rank of real binary forms
10h30 Coffee break
11h15 Jean-Louis Loday From tensors to trees
12h00 Lunch
14h00 Joseph M. Landsberg Pfaffians and Valiant's holographic algorithms
14h45 Charles Walter Interpolation for generators and syzygies
15h30 Coffee break
16h00 Mercedes Rosas Kroenecker coefficients
16h45 E. Tsigaridas A new algorithm for symmetric tensor decomposition
17h30 End