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Downloading Zone

* Ready To Print

Use the following single page versions if you want to print from a browser without stepping through the individual pages.

* Getting the Software

See the Copyright Notices.

Figue distribution comes as a single zip or compressed tar file :
TIP Java classes are also available as a single jar file figue.jar

* Figue Installation

Unzipping the file you receive will produce the directory tree :
  • aioli
    • modules
      • figue
        • web and its subdirectories provide reference manual, tutorial and design documentation.
          • index.html
        • classes and its subdirectories provide archives. and utility classes.
          • figue.jar
        • java and its subdirectories provide sources.
          • tutorial
    • java
      • classes
        • figue and its subdirectories provide core classes.
For example, if you placed the archive in directory TOOLS
  • UNIX :
       cd TOOLS
       gunzip figue.tar.gz
       tar xvf figue.tar
  • NT :
       call the file manager
       go to the TOOLS directory
       double-click on the archive

TIPPut the local file aioli/modules/figue/web/index.html in your bookmarks.

* Running Tutorial and Demos

Remember the requirements : you must have at least JDK 1.1 installed properly on your machine.

* JAR File

Place the runtime library figue.jar in your CLASSPATH.

  • UNIX :
       export CLASSPATH
  • NT :
       start the Control Panel
       select System,
       edit the environment variables 
       CLASSPATH TOOLS/aioli/modules/figue/classes/figue.jar:;%CLASSPATH%

+Figue *Intro *Requirements *Download *Getting Started
*What's New *FAQs *How To *Demos *Contributions
*Tutorial *API *Limits & Bugs *Design

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