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* Features Include

  • Comprehensive Java framework for structured text formatting / editing
  • Written completely in Java
  • Bypasses standard text area
    • Write once, don't rewrite for each media
      • Two dimensional text layout
      • ASCII streams
      • Printing facilities
    • Write once, don't rewrite for each Java version
      • Don't pay the price for SWING if you only need Java 1.1 and AWT
      • Lightweight application fully SWING compliant
  • Fully customizable and extensible
    • By plugging standard customizer
    • By furnishing new implementation of default components / behaviors
  • Incremental editing
  • Multithreaded
    • Allowing browsing while the informations are being loaded and formatted
  • Source code is included

* What is Figue Definitely Not ?

  • Not yet another applet builder
    • Figue is oversized for simple text animation.
  • Not yet another HTML browser
    • Let's not re-invent the wheel! Static HTML is already supported by all browser.

* What is Figue Good For ?

  • Figue is designed for application requiring
    • sophisticated and dynamic layout
    • open and extensible architecture
  • Figue is a specialized toolbox for building customized editors.

+Figue *Intro *Requirements *Download *Getting Started
*What's New *FAQs *How To *Demos *Contributions
*Tutorial *API *Limits & Bugs *Design

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