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* Credits

  • The portable fonts used in Figue's Symbol class rely on the anti-aliased fonts for Java, courtesy of Bernard Suffrin , Worcester College.

  • The parser which is the heart of Figue's XML like persistence layer was developped using ANTLR. ANTLR is fully in the public domain, copyright 1998 by Terence Parr, Magelang Institute.

  • QBullets are used to indicate the function of hypertext links. QBullets appear courtesy of Matterform Media. QBullets are freeware, copyright 1996 by Matterform Media. See the QBullet legend for the meanings of all the QBullets.

* Copyright

Software FIGUE (c) INRIA 1998 in its 1 version of the 31/07/1998, hereinafter referred to as "THE SOFTWARE".

The SOFTWARE has been designed and produced by Bruno CONDUCTIER, Laurent HASCOET, Laurent THERY, researchers of the project CROAP, a research project of the National Computer and Automatics Institute (INRIA).

Domaine de Voluceau, Rocquencourt
78153 Le Chesnay Cedex

INRIA holds all the patent rights concerning the SOFTWARE The SOFTWARE has been registered at the Agency for the Protection of Programmes (APP) under the number IDDN.FR.001.350018.00.R.P.1998.000.10800.


The SOFTWARE is currently being developed and INRIA wishes for it to be used by the scientific world so as to test, evaluate and continually update it.

To this end, INRIA has decided to distribute the prototype of the SOFTWARE by FIP in a source form.

a) Extent of the rights granted by INRIA to the user of the SOFTWARE

INRIA freely grants the right to use, modify and integrate the SOFTWARE in another programe.

b) Reproduction of the SOFTWARE

Clauses 9 and 10 of the Berne agreement for the protection of literary and artistic works (Union of Berne) respectively specify in their paragraphs 2 and 3 authorizing only the reproduction and quoting of works on the condition that :

  • "this reproduction does not adversely affect the normal exploitation of the work or cause any unjustified prejudice to the legitimate interests of the author"

  • that the quotations given by way of illustration and/or tuition conform to the proper uses and that it mentions the source and name of the author if this name features in the source", any use or reproduction of the software items and/or documents exclusively owned by INRIA and carried out to obtain profit or for commercial ends being subject to obtaining the prior express authorization of INRIA. Any commercial use made without obtaining the prior express agreement of the INRIA would therefore constitute a fraudulent imitation.

c) Return of information

Any user of the SOFTWARE shall send his comments on the use of the SOFTWARE to INRIA at (

d) Guarantees

Note that the SOFTWARE is a research product currently being developed.
INRIA disclaims any responsibility in any way in any instance of being obliged to put right any possible direct or indirect damage sustained by the user.

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