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The team ~ Peter Horvath Tuesday, June 18th 2024, 04:57

Peter Horvath

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Former PhD Student, INRIA / MAE / University of Szeged

motcle Keywords : Variational methods, High Order Active Contours, Active contours, Segmentation, Trees / Forest

plus Contact :

Mail :PeterdotHorvathatinriadotfr
Phone :(33)4-92-38-75-67
Fax :(33)4-92-38-76-43
Postal adress :INRIA Sophia Antipolis
2004, route des Lucioles
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
Webpage :visit !

plus Abstract :

I'm interested in shape modelling and variational methods, presently I'm working on a new quadratic energy functional for modelling circle based shapes, which can be used to detect trees from satellite and aerial images.

plus Last publications in Ariana Research Group :
A higher-order active contour model of a ‘gas of circles' and its application to tree crown extraction.
P. Horvath and I. H. Jermyn and Z. Kato and J. Zerubia. Pattern Recognition, 42(5): pages 699-709, May 2009.
Keywords : Shape, Higher-order, Active contour, Gas of circles, Tree Crown Extraction, Bayesian.
The 'Gas of circles' model and its application to tree crown extraction.
P. Horvath. PhD Thesis, Universite de Szeged, Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis, December 2007.
Keywords : geometric prior, Contours actifs d'ordre supérieur, Phase Field, Gas of circles.
A `Gas of Circles' Phase Field Model and its Application to Tree Crown Extraction.
P. Horvath and I. H. Jermyn. In Proc. European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Poznan, Poland, September 2007.
Keywords : Phase Field, Tree Crown Extraction.
publis All publications in Ariana Research Group
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