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Corese Semantic Web Factory: a semantic Web search engine based on Conceptual Graphs

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Corese participates to the KnowledgeWeb RDF benchmark : Workshop Results
Corese results.

Corese stands for Conceptual Resource Search Engine. It is an RDF engine based on Conceptual Graphs (CG). It enables the processing of RDF Schema and RDF statements within the CG formalism (see the note from T. Berners-Lee on the subject).
Corese had support from INRIA for two years (2002-2004) software development support action and received a grant from INRIA for a two years engineer support (2005-2007).
This software is available in binary code for research, teaching and academic purpose under the INRIA license. It is written in Java 1.5 distributed by Sun Microsystems.

Solve Sudoku using an RDF graph and a SPARQL query with Corese.