12. Scribe User Manual -- Compiling Scribe programs

12. Scribe User Manual -- Compiling Scribe programs


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Compiling Scribe programs



1. Getting Started
2. Syntax
3. Standard Library
4. Hyperlinks and References
5. Index
6. Bibliography
7. Computer programs
8. Graphical User Interfaces
9. Customization
10. Scribe style files
11. Editing Scribe Programs
12. Compiling Scribe programs
13. Compiling Texi documents
14. Using Bibtex databases
15. Functions and Variables


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In this chapter we present the Scribe compiler that compiles Scribe source text into various output formats. Scribe source files can be automatically generated from Texinfo source files by the scribeinfo compiler.


scribe [options] [input]...


This manual page is not meant to be exhaustive. The complete documentation for the programming language Scribe can be found at the following URL. This manual page only documents the scribe compiler that compiles Scribe programs into HTML, TeX, Info or Nroff formats.


The scribe compiler uses file suffixes in order to select amongst its possible targets which one to choose. These suffixes are:

a Scribe source file.
an HTML target file.
a TeX target file.
an Info target file.
a Nroff target file.
a Scribe url index file.

This help message.
Display the scribe options and exit.
The version of Scribe.
Increase the verbosity.
Display informations about the Scribe configuration.
-t,--target <fmt>
The output target format.
-b,--base <base>
The base prefix to remove from links.
-o <dst>
Name the output file <dest>.
-I <path>
Add <path> to scribe path.
-J <path>
Add <path> to scribe style path.
-L <path>
Add <path> to scribe library path.
-B <path>
Add <path> to scribe bibliography path.
-C,--split-chapter <chapter>
Emit chapter's sections in separate files.
--eval <expr>
Evaluate expression.

Some shell variables control the Scribe search path:

Search path for source and style files.
Search path for style files.

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