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Here is my classified list of publications:

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PhD and Internships

We are proposing internships and PhD positions:

Open your source

I contribute to make free softwares available. I'm in charge of the following ones: Bigloo (the optimizing Scheme compiler) Hop (A language for programming the web 2.0) Biglook (the Bigloo graphical toolkit) Skribe (a functional markup programming language) Flyspell (On-the-fly Emacs spell checker).

In addition to the ones I implement, I exclusively use free softwares. Amongst these 99% are open source. Here is a selection of the ones I use the most frequently:

  • All my computers run GNU/Linux. I have successively used the RedHat distribution, Mandrake, then Debian. After two years spent with Gentoo. Gentoo was great in the first place but unfortunately it has became too instable and I have had to drop it. I now use the Arch distribution. It is very nice so far. Updates go smoothly and it is possible to update from binary packages or from the sources.
  • I edit everything with Emacs.
  • I compile my C and C++ programs with Gcc.
  • My window manager is a patched version of Pekwm. It is light (the running process occupies less than 4MB) and fast. The patch (applicable to the version 0.1.3) fixes a nasty bug of window focus and a incompatibility with Emacs focus/unfocus operations. I use pekwm in conjunction with a thin toolbar.
  • I read my mails with a patched version of HopMail and compose them with Emacs.
  • I synchronize the disks of my computers with Unison.
  • I manages my versions with Mercurial.
  • I compose my slides with Hop and I visualize them with Firefox.
  • I browse the web with Firefox. From time to time I visualize local HTML files with Dillo.

GPG Public key

My GPG key is published on the openpgp key server. You can also install it in your keyring directly using:
curl | gpg --import -a

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