Eitan Altman

Organisation: INRIA

Research Unit: Sophia Antipolis

Service: Projet Maestro

E-mail: Eitan.Altman@sophia.inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 77 86

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The memoires from Lvov Ghetto and Janowska concentration camp "Through the Eyes of a 12-Year-old Girl" ( "My Lvov" in the English edition) by my Mother, Janina Hesheles Altman, appeared alreay in more than ten languages. Movies and theatre plays have been devoted to her story. Her book on the Weisse Rose (German resistence movement of students and professors in Munich University) is availablle in hebrew and the first part is available in German, see "Naturwissenschaftler vor und nach Hitlers Aufstieg zur Macht".

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What is your Eitan number? see presentation by Daniele Miorandi, CIO of the startup u-Hopper.

Awards and News

Jun 3rd, 2019: WiOpt workshop in honour of Eitan Altman. Entire workshop available on video in Parts 1 2 3 A short video will soon be available.

Dec 2017: The Distinguished Technical Achievement Recognition Award awarded by IEEE TC on Big Data conference (TCBD), for "his outstanding technical leadership and achievement in stochastic modeling and big data analysis"

July 11, 2014: The society of dynamic games attributes the Isaacs Award to Eitan in recognition of his research on game theory. The ceremony took place at the ISDG international symposium on 9-12 July.

Oct 16th, 2012: the French Academy of Sciences attributes the Grand Prix France Telecom jointly to Joel CIBERT and to Eitan ALTMAN, see video (to the left) and photos.
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