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InFormAtioN theorY: New challenges and new interdisciplinary tools.

Information Theory (IT) is concerned with identifying, characterization and computation of basic limits of performance measures of communication systems. The classical question that it seeks to answer is what are the information rates in the multi-user setting that can be transmitted reliably over a given noisy channel. The transmission may involve various transmitter and various receivers. Rendering transmission over noisy channels reliable involves coding of the information to be transmitted. A given transmission rate vector C is said to be reliable if for any rate C' < C and every epsilon > 0 there exists a code that allows transmission at the rate C' with error rates smaller than epsilon. The set of reliable transmission rates C are called the capacity region.
In this proposal we seek to create cooperation between specialists on classical information theory (IT) and other disciplines that are needed for the computations of new concepts of capacity that appear in the next generation networks in which the geometric aspects, mobility, power restriction and non-cooperative behavior play a key role on the capacity and connectivity. In view of the wealth of mathematical tools that are needed to study networks (and in particular SNs), the IFANY group will focus on inter-disciplinary research for networking dimensioning and design.

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Eitan Altman,INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France
Ephie Deriche, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France