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~ Josiane Zerubia Tuesday, June 25th 2024, 00:32


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The projects involving Josiane Zerubia are :

icone MOUMIR
MOdels for Unified Multimedia Information Retrieval
icone MUSCLE
Multimedia Understanding through Semantics, Computation and Learning
icone Mode de Vie
From the tree to the stand. Extraction and Growing models.
icone Shapes
Statistical theory of configurations of shapes for analysing aerial and satellite images
icone P2R France-Israel
Blind deconvolution and denoising in confocal microscopy
icone Color ODEUR
Objet DEtection Using Radar images
icone ARC DeMiTri
Blind Deconvolution in 3D Biological Microscopy
icone ANR Diamond (PI)
Deconvolution of Augmented Images in Multi-Dimensional Optical Microscopy
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