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The team ~ Olivier Zammit Tuesday, June 18th 2024, 05:10

Olivier Zammit

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Former PhD Student, INRIA / Silogic

motcle Keywords : Markov Random Fields, Segmentation, Classification, Object extraction, Trees / Forest
demos Demo : see this author's demo
plus Contact :

Mail :OlivierdotZammitatinriadotfr
Phone :(33)4-92-38-75-66
Fax :(33)4-92-38-76-43
Postal adress :INRIA Sophia Antipolis
2004, route des Lucioles
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

plus Abstract :

The aim of this PhD is to evaluate and quantify the damage caused by forest fires.
Remote sensing from space is suitable for this study. We will extract the radiometric ant textural informations from the different channels of SPOT V. The classification by SVM (Support Vector Machines) is well adapted to this problem.
A cartography of the burned areas will be produced and validated, which will allow to reference them, to estimate their surface area and to replace them into the geographic context.

plus Last publications in Ariana Research Group :
Unsupervised One-Class SVM Using a Watershed Algorithm and Hysteresis Thresholding to Detect Burnt Areas.
O. Zammit and X. Descombes and J. Zerubia. In Proc. International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (PRIA), Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, September 2008.
Keywords : Classification, Segmentation, Support Vector Machines, Burnt areas, Forest fires, Satellite images.
Copyright :
Détection de zones brûlées après un feu de forêt à partir d'une seule image satellitaire SPOT 5 par techniques SVM.
O. Zammit. PhD Thesis, Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis, September 2008.
Keywords : Classification, Satellite images, Burnt areas, Forest fires, Support Vector Machines, Region Growing.
Copyright :
Combining One-Class Support Vector Machines and hysteresis thresholding: application to burnt area mapping.
O. Zammit and X. Descombes and J. Zerubia. In Proc. European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Lausanne, Switzerland, August 2008.
Note : to appear.
Keywords : Classification, Satellite images, Support Vector Machines, Burnt areas, Forest fires, Clustering.
Copyright :
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