P2P Rec

Download the demo at:

The demo require

  • Java 1.6
  • Any browser

How to run the demo?

Follow these steps to quick start the demo (same machine):

  1. Execute run.sh (linux), run.bat (Windows), or run.command (MacOS).
  2. Open Taran's web interface .
  3. Wait and enjoy Taran's life for a moment.
  4. Execute runClient.sh (linux), runClient.bat (Windows), or runClient.command (MacOS).
  5. Open Alic's web interface.
  6. Play.


How about the distributed mode

  1. Change in the configuration file {config-client/config.ini} the option inria.smarttools.dht.host with the IP adress where you run the first p2prec (use ifconfig,?)

How to change the number of peers

  1. Change in the configuration files {config.ini} the two options p2prec.firstuser and p2prec.nbofuser

And, what if I want to use more than the 100 proposed peers?

Different databases are available here :

Download them and unzip in the application folder. This creates the different database files in the data folder

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